A decade of data reveals new insights for digital security firm

In brief…

Leadership assessment tests are most commonly used to inform hiring, development and promotion decisions, but a digital security firm took that one step further with some insightful analytics from Complete. After collecting a decade of data, Complete revealed new insights for a digital security firm.


Complete has run a Sustainable Leadership Programme for this digital security firm for the last 10 years. The work has included a leadership assessment called the Complete Values Profile. The Sustainable Leadership Programme is for high potential managers and while the programme has evolved over time, the Values Profile assessment has remained a consistent part of the work. The assessment has been used to provide insights for individual managers into their own value system and it identifies how to leverage capabilities into measurable progress.

The Challenge

For the digital security firm an acquisition was likely, and the VP Learning felt it was the ideal time to find out what 10 years of leadership data could reveal about gender career progression, leadership evolution and organisational culture.

The Complete Approach

Complete undertook an extensive analytics project to delve into the Values Profile assessment data and connect it to demographic and outcome data. This included gender, promotions, international assignments and transfers into new business units.

A word from our client …

“It was ground breaking in terms of leadership development. Leadership is not just cognitive, but emotional and physiological. Everything connects and drives our performance. The programme has gone above and beyond our expectations. The programme was delivering anyway but moving beyond the individual to the aggregated data at the group and then the organisational level has been really beneficial.”

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