We know that running a business takes a huge amount of energy. What if we could show you how to upgrade your energy? Welcome to our Founder and CEO Coaching Programme.

The CEO coaching programme //

Our CEO coaching methodology is different from the mainstream.

We start with a leader’s biology not their behaviours and results. We teach you to control your physiology, manage your emotions, increase the speed and quality of your thinking as well as transform your relationship with stakeholders and customers. 

The impact of our CEO coaching is measurable and delivers a clear ROI.


Complete Values Profile
Many of the tensions that occur in teams, and are mistakenly thought to be due to personality clashes, are actually the result of differences in value systems.
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The Complete Values Profile (CVP) questionnaire precisely defines which of the eight value systems an individual leader, team, division or organisation operates from.

Complete Energy Audit
An objective 24-hour assessment of an individual’s physiology and emotional state during a normal working day
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We gather data using non-invasive heart monitoring technology, salivary hormonal profiling and completion of an online emotional and social intelligence questionnaire.

Complete Team Energy MAP
Even the most talented and developed groups or teams struggle to deliver if they cannot gel and work together effectively.
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The Complete Team Energy MAP quantifies the energetic impact team members have on each other and provides objective, anonymous data to help guide leaders and teams on how to overcome difficult team dynamics that may be inhibiting performance.

Complete Behavioural Report
Behaviours are the final common pathway to change. Our Complete Behavioural Report is based on the most widely used leadership behavioural research in the world.
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This assessment combines 360 degree feedback from peers with observation or interviews conducted by one of our highly trained behavioural experts. Results are precise, informative and benchmarked against a global database.

Complete Network Analysis
Complete Network Analysis technology identifies powerful, actionable data-based insights about what’s going on in your business and guides interventions to improve performance.
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The CEO Coaching Programme is for you if:

  • You’re an ambitious leader looking to unlock hidden capabilities
  • You’re need more energy to make better use of every moment that you have
  • You’re working flat out but still struggling to step-change your organisation’s performance
  • You’ve tried other coaching programmes but have found the benefits don’t last
  • You need to see a measurable return on your coaching investment