The behaviours that enhance performance can be decoded into an ‘alphabet’ to measure and develop.

The Complete Behavioural Report is a scientifically grounded tool for assessing and developing the behavioural sophistication of leaders.

What can we do for you?

Our Complete Behavioural Report enables you to measure and develop the necessary behaviours to achieve results in challenging, complex, and ever-changing market conditions.

The assessments we offer are designed to measure the progress of 11 different performance-enhancing behaviours.

When used together and repeatedly, they can provide a deep insights to the core behaviours of a team, leader or organisation.

By raising awareness of their actions and gaps, leaders and teams can effectively assess and develop their behaviours. This enables a positive, productive, and healthy workplace culture, leading to higher employee satisfaction, better team dynamics, and overall organisational success.

How to we measure behaviours?

The Complete Behavioural Report is robust and flexible.

A behaviour is a single observable and generalisable action that delivers an outcome. It differs from skill, competency and capability. Behaviours are the underpinning ‘alphabet’ that drive our skills and capabilities to better results.

Behaviours can be assessed via:

  • Online questionnaire (360) – the leader and their manager, peers and direct reports complete an online questionnaire rating the leader’s behaviours
  • Interview – a certified practitioner elicits examples from the leader and analyses responses to create an individual behavioural profile
  • Observation – a certified practitioner observes the leader in the workplace or an assessment centre to create a detailed behavioural profile

When should you use the Complete Behavioural Assessment?

Leaders will find the Complete Behavioural Assessment useful at any time in their career.

 Organisations might want to consider our Complete Behavioural Report when they want to:

  • Benchmark leaders and teams 
  • Better inform talent and development conversations 
  • Eliminate negative behaviours that can erode performance
  • Help define whether an organisation is living its values
  • Assess a candidates’ leadership capability during a recruitment or promotion process
  • Plan which behaviours need to be ‘baked in’ to the organisation as a legacy
  • Match peers to mentors and support each others’ behavioural strength development
  • Create a culture of feedback, coaching and development around leadership capability

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Academic Foundations

Over three decades, extensive academic research explored leadership behaviours and their impact on improved results.

Professor Harold Schroder’s pivotal 1970s research identified 11 behaviours significantly influencing bottom-line performance, relevant in competitive, complex, dynamic contexts. In such environments, leaders’ performance-enhancing actions, like adopting a commercial perspective, engaging teams, and inspiring commitment, boost productivity and organisational success.

The Schroder model has been researched through a number of key studies, which underpin the Complete Behaviour Report. Moreover, additional studies have confirmed the model’s applicability across various sectors, leadership levels, and geographic regions. One of the key researchers collaborated closely with Complete for an extended period to develop the new Complete Behavioural Report.