Behaviours are what determines results.

Understanding Behaviour //

Behaviours are the final common pathway to better results. And for results to change leadership development programmes need to deliver behavioural change.

Behaviours are the building blocks of leadership skills. Skills when mastered can develop into competencies. Competencies can be organised into the five great capabilities that all leaders need to drive performance:

1. Technical – this is the ability to do the job, and varies significant depending on role and seniority

2. Operational – this is the ability to run your area, of responsibility, well

3. Strategic – this is the ability to build the future and make choices that accelerate growth in your area of responsibility

4. Leadership – these are in the inner (I) and interpersonal (WE) capabilities that when added to IT sophistication drive the commercial outcomes (IT) and differentiate good from great leaders

5. Change – this is the ability to change yourself (I), those around you (WE) or the organisation itself (IT)

Three steps to the Complete Behavioural Report

If you want to improve results by changing behaviour, it’s critical to know which behaviours need to be developed.

1. The Assessment
The behavioural 360 process requires individuals to score their own behaviours as well as nominate their manager, at least two peers, at the same level of seniority, and a minimum of two direct reports or individuals less senior.
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Each person gives feedback on the behaviours relevant to that organisation and their data is collated to generate a Complete Behavioural Report . This is then reviewed by the individual either with one of our trained practitioners and/or with their line manager.

2. Develop the right Behaviours
Regardless of the behaviours assessed the report also provides developmental tips depending on the individuals scores to stretch the individual as well as what to watch out for. All of this enables the individual to agree very precise developmental goals that can step change their own performance.
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If leaders develop a more sophisticated behavioural approach to the issues they are facing then they are much more likely to deliver consistently good results.

3. Benchmark
More than 20 years experience assessing leadership behaviours has enabled us to build a global benchmark that applies across all market sectors. Which specific behaviours are strong varies and there is no ‘ideal’ profile. The benchmark data can be used to identify the best candidate to hire that
has the right level of behavioural sophistication to succeed in the role.
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With this data we can help you support the case for promoting someone to a leadership role because they possess the required level of sophistication to match the complexity of the role. Identify high potential talent who show greater behavioural sophistication than expected or their current role require. Scope out specific leadership development programmes to ensure that individuals meet or exceed the required levels of sophistication and bench strength at all levels of the organisation.

Assessing leadership behaviours //

We aim to help organisations help their leaders develop the behaviours they need to deliver results

  • Understand current capability. For the individual, team or at an organisational level
  • Benchmark. Benchmark your leaders and teams against the expected levels of behaviours
  • Identify talent. Better identify your talent and key development conversations within a leadership team.
  • Spot negative behaviours. Source and eliminate negative behaviours that erode performance
  • Development. Focus development on the core behavioural strengths that each leader needs
  • Define. Help define whether your organisation actually embody your values
  • Assess candidates. Assess a candidates’ leadership capability during a recruitment or promotion process
  • Plan. Plan which behaviours need to be ‘baked in’ to the organisation as a legacy
  • Support. Match Peers to mentors and support each others’ behavioural strength development
  • Create. Create a culture of feedback, coaching and development around leadership capabilities
Complete Behavioural Report white paper
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