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In Alan’s spare time, he writes books on leadership and how to solve the world’s toughest problems. He has published ten books with two more in the works.


LIE-ABILITY: How Leaders Build & Break Trust

In 2020 a global pandemic hit humanity. But by the end of 2021, it became clear that there was a second, completely unrelated, pandemic spreading across the world. This pandemic is cultural, and it may turn out to be more fatal for humanity than a virus that killed millions. This cultural virus’s primary symptom is deceit, and the underlying disease is the wanton decay of the truth.

We’ve all been infected to such a degree that rather than leaders being punished for spreading lies or being held accountable for the chaos their lies create, many of the worst offenders are using their ability to lie as a skill to reach the highest offices in governments, business or their chosen professions. Dishonesty is being rewarded. Duplicity and deceit are so common that we’re no longer shocked or surprised when we are fed our daily dose of deception. Business leaders must become Truth Activists. They must re-examine their own relationship with the truth and take a stand. If they don’t they will not survive.

Lie-Ability: How Leaders Build & Break Trust is a book that offers a way to combat this underlying disease and stop the decay of truth.

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STEP CHANGE: The Leader’s Journey

No one likes change. Too often it’s viewed as something that must be endured, something to ‘get through’ as fast as possible so that everything can ‘return to normal’. We need to change our view of change and see it for the opportunity it really is. Step Change: The Leader’s Journey helps leaders to become gifted and skilful at moving through the change process, gracefully and productively.

Based on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. The Leader’s Journey offers a universal road map of change from step-1 (comfort zone) through to step-12 (post-delivery inspiration), the journey travels through four distinct stages of ‘Discover, Decide, Develop and Deliver’. Step Change provides a proven formula for change, personal and organisational which allows us to know where we are on the Change Wheel, what to expect from each step. By identifying what causes change to fail at each step as well as tools to navigate past the pitfalls and dead ends that leave us stuck at a particular step or retreating to the comfort zone, the change cycle can be understood and mastered.

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COHERENCE: The Science of Exceptional Leadership and Performance

Most leaders are operating nowhere near their optimal level of performance. In this book, Dr Alan Watkins helps leaders at every level understand how they can transform their output and unlock their true potential. He shares proven techniques that have helped thousands of leaders in FTSE 50 giants and SMEs across market sectors and geographies as well as the Olympic and Paralympic Rowing Team, resulting in them achieving their best ever medal haul in London 2012.

Coherence shows how our ability to lead and deliver results is rooted in our biology. Dr Watkins explains the science of how to increase energy levels and become smarter, more resilient, happier, healthier and more successful in whatever we do. Drawing on case studies from prominent business leaders and insights from a diverse range of research fields, he reveals the secrets to exceptional leadership and how to be brilliant every day. Now in its second edition, this vital guide contains upgraded practical tools and new insights on how to transform productivity, manage complexity, accelerate innovation and drive greater commercial performance, all while becoming healthier and happier.

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4D LEADERSHIP: Competitive Advantage through Vertical Leadership Development

Today’s leaders need to change radically to meet the challenge of complex organizations in business landscapes that are in flux. This requires a step-change in development in three fundamental dimensions: how you do things, who you are, and how you relate to other people. 4D Leadership is what happens when this step-change in doing, being and relating takes place. When you move up to the next level of ability and sophistication in these three dimensions, you will have unlocked the fourth dimension (verticality) and you will receive a significant competitive advantage.

Neuroscientist and leadership coach Dr Alan Watkins draws on groundbreaking research into adult development to present a framework that will transform your ability to excel as a leader. 4D Leadership isn’t just a software patch for leadership skills: this is an upgrade to the next level of the human operating system, the next level of leadership development.

4D Leadership is the book for: anyone who feels overwhelmed by the competing priorities of their jobs; anyone who feels stressed by trying to maintain competitive advantage through innovation; anyone looking to develop a more responsive and rewarding strategy, drive change and take people with them, and become a truly rounded and 4-dimensional leader.

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THE HR (R)EVOLUTION: Change the Workplace, Change the World

Many observers have suggested that capitalism is fast destroying our planet, concentrating power in a few big companies. Excessive short-termism, leveraged debt, digitisation, and disruption are the new normal. We stand at a critical juncture where the two paths ahead could lead to very different futures. One route could take us back to the harshest days of the early Industrial Revolution and the Great Depression. The other could lead to a world of abundance, equality, inclusivity, and prosperity for all. Which future awaits us will largely be determined by business, and HR (Human Resources) in particular.

Books on HR tend to focus on HR practices and potential interventions, but they rarely look at the profession, how it evolved, and how and why those people practices were created. The HR (R)Evolution: Change the Workplace, Change the World describes the “Seven Great Waves” of change and explains how each wave impacted business. It explains how some companies are stuck in the past and how HR can break the deadlock if it understands what the future holds. This book is meant for senior business leaders or anyone currently working in HR who are grappling with the paradoxes of business today. It’s for leaders who recognise that people issues are the central challenge of our time. Whether we embrace the waves yet to come will determine whether we survive or regress, whether we flourish or flounder. The future is in our hands.

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Innovation Sucks!: Time to Think Differently

Businesses spend billions on innovation with very little to show for their investment or effort. This book challenges some of the ‘ingrained truths’ of innovation and suggests a different approach.

Innovation is not the creation of a novel idea. It is the successful commercialisation of that novel idea. Rather than starting with a costly, time-consuming problem assessment that seeks to push potential solutions through an innovation funnel, an ‘impeller approach’ starts with possible solutions and gets the market to pull the best ones forward so they can fail fast or flourish fast. This approach is made possible by the addition of a ‘bee’ – a new type of integrative thinker who can harvest the existing knowledge from the ‘meadow of experts’. Completely reversing the innovation process means organisations are much better placed to win in the market rather than focusing on finding theoretical solutions or clearing innovation stage gates. In addition, this approach also recognises that the people who shepherd the solution through the ideation and testing stage are not the same people who must then take that solution to market for successful commercialisation.

Given the current innovation failure rate, coupled with the fact that society is beset with multiple wicked problems, it’s time to think differently and innovate innovation itself. This book is essential reading for Heads of Innovation and Commercialisation, Directors of Marketing, Heads of New Product Development and New Service Development, Strategy Directors, Chief Technology Officers, Government advisers and policy makers.

Innovation Sucks!: Time to Think Differently
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WICKED AND WISE: How to Solve the World’s Toughest Problems

Wicked and Wise : How to Solve the World’s Toughest Problems is the first compelling title in a brand new series launching with Urbane Publications. Devised by leading consultant Alan Watkins, the Wicked and Wise explores a number of hotly debated and wicked issues facing the planet and its people, and offers some intelligent, challenging and wise ways forward that may be able to break through the current intractable position. Each book in the series is co-authored by Alan and a hand-picked expert in each subject field. The first book in the series looks at some of the most pressing and topical issues affecting the world today, from the clash of religions and cultures in a globalised world to the growing dominance of technology. Co-written with renowned social thinker and philosopher Ken Wilber the book sets the scene for debating the key challenges facing current and future generations, and sets possible agendas for how leaders, and potential leaders, can solve challenges through the wise application of multi-tiered multi-channel, multi-organisational intervention and lead in a highly developed, enlightened & selfless way.

Wicked and Wise: How to Solve the World's Toughest Problems
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CROWDOCRACY: The End of Politics

Crowdocracy : The End of Politics discusses one of the world’s most debated and critical issues – who decides our future and how should we be governed? Democracy is struggling to produce solutions to the challenges of our times. Populations feel disenfranchised with the political process, with the real power today being in the hands of a small elite. Crowdocracy offers a radical new way forward, one that allows all of us – not just some of us – to participate in how we are governed. Using technology and the insights of crowd wisdom, the authors describe how all of us can replace our elected officials and ultimately shape and govern our communities. A revolutionary idea that can be implemented in an evolutionary way. Crowdocracy is the second title in the ground-breaking Wicked & Wise series, a range of topical books that explore hotly debated and ‘wicked’ issues facing the planet and its people, offering intelligent, challenging and ‘wise’ ways forward that may be able to break through existing intractable positions. Each book in the series is co-authored by Alan Watkins and an eminent thinker in each subject field.

Crowdocracy: The End of Politics
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OUR FOOD OUR FUTURE: Eat Better, Waste Less, Share More

‘A brilliant book. It explores the complexities of the global food system and how we can fix the challenges. If you care about access to quality, affordable food then read this book’ – Heston Blumenthal

The third book in the critically acclaimed Wicked & Wise series offers a compelling analysis of the issue of food on an international scale. From nutrition to world hunger to GM farming, what are the impacts of food and food issues on regional, political, cultural, business and social priorities?

With 2 billion obese and 2 billion hungry, food is a key issue in the future development of the world’s population and its health. As with every wicked and wise issue, it throws up significant moral, political and economic concerns when tackling how we will keep the world’s population nourished in decades to come.

Our Food Our Future: Eat Better, Waste Less, Share More
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MIND-BODY MEDICINE: A Clinician’s Guide to Psychoneuroimmunology

Psychoneuroimmunology or mind-body medicine is an exploding area of interest in the USA and is becoming of increasing interest worldwide. New and exciting research from both these fields shows that perceptions and emotions directly affect immunity and health. This book assesses the research in this area and assesses the implications of PNI and its application to general medical practice. It looks at the evidence supporting the concept that mind-body connections have an impact on the development and progressof illness, and at how health care providers can take advantage of this evidence to improve the well-being of their patients. This is a practical text and reference which gives a good general introduction to the concept of mind-body medicine as it has developed to date.

Mind-Body Medicine
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