The Complete Certification allows you to step change team dynamics and individual performance in a virtual world



The Complete Values Profile enables: 

  • Relationships to be strengthened by leveraging inner diversity.
  • Leaders to identify personal development to better suit their challenges
  • Teams to play to their strengths, plug gaps and enhance effectiveness
  • Organisations to adopt successful culture change programmes

The profile defines a leader’s current level of development and what is required to unlock new levels of performance. Certification means you can deliver your own Complete assessments with confidence for individuals, teams and the whole organisation. 


How do you transform a culture and step change performance?

Unlock a completely new level of performance. Easily incorporate values into your coaching programme. Backed by 40 years of research, the Complete Values Profile provides forensic insight into what levers you can pull to step change individual and team performance across the organisation.

The Complete Certification

All of the Complete Development Programmes in one online academy. The platform leads you through a journey of development ending in accreditation to become a Certified Values Practitioner.


Join our webinars live or catch the recordings to keep abreast of the latest developments, tips, and techniques. We run webinars focused on coaches, consultants and corporate teams.


The latest case studies and success stories from the practitioner field and beyond. The ongoing evolution of our value systems means the community is evolving too. This is where we share what works and the innovations.

5 Modules / 5 Weeks

The Complete Values Accreditation starts with The Values Profile assessment. You experience the process the way a client would and practice feeding back to two people that you nominate yourself (friends and family). We explain the research behind The Values Profile and develop your skills with our online group coaching sessions.

The Team Performance Delivery Framework

This Framework sets out exactly how to run an assessment programme with a client: Find them, Engage Them, Assess Them, Profile, Close. Our checklist means you will not miss a thing.

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Katie Ledger, Senior Practitioner at Complete

Katie is a professionally certified developmental coach with over twenty years of leadership development experience. Katie coaches senior leaders in multiple markets and geographies. She has worked extensively with leaders in FMCG, technology and media in companies such as Virgin Media, Unilever and Vodafone, helping them to unlock potential and deliver results even when under pressure.

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The Complete Values Profile uses a developmental assessment route map to grow your talent further, faster.

It enables:

  • Leaders to identify personal development to better suit the challenges they face and improve their cultural fit
  • Relationships to be strengthened by leveraging the diversity at people offer and framing how to accommodate each other
  • Teams to play to strengths, plug gaps and work their dynamics more effectively with enhanced communication
  • Organisations to adopt successful culture change programs and plan different approaches to customer segments
  • Improvements in recruitment to better understand team complexity, diversity and cultural fits for potential recruits
  • Greater self awareness, understanding of development, increased team effectiveness and conflict resolution
  • Scalable and cost effective testing and retesting


Elaine Thomas, Former Head of HR for Technology, Thomson Reuters

“The real challenge for HRDs today is how to develop self aware, empathetic leaders who can make sense of the ever-changing world around them.

“The Complete Values Profile helps leaders understand which value system they operate from today and how that fits with their current role. It gives them both self-awareness and empathy. That’s incredibly powerful, but the tool is even more impactful for teams.

“By looking at how each person in the team sees the world and interacts with it, the tool enables us to unlock unique insights into team performance. It creates an appreciation of what everyone brings and provides a common language for the team to discuss how to become more effective.

“And, because it’s developmental, the Complete Values Profile can be also re-taken at future points to get real data on progress made for both individuals and teams.”


Matt Silver, Executive Coach and Certified Values Partner

“The key to this course was that it provides multiple lenses into a client’s development in the here now and a framework for the steps in vertical development.

It goes beyond the limits that typical typology assessments produce, often limiting one’s perception of self development and the belief in further growth. The course has allowed me to articulate The Complete Values Profile to my clients and applying this has been developmental.”

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Step change team dynamics and individual performance in a virtual world.

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