The org chart is dead. It fails to describe how the work actually gets done.

What can we do for you?

Unlock the power of your organisation’s network with our cutting-edge Complete Network Analysis. Our innovative tool provides a precise examination of how your company truly functions, offering invaluable insights that can revolutionize your business strategy.

Complete Network Analysis maps networks of relationships and reveals how they drive organisations. Organisations are no longer defined by reporting lines so successful organisations understand that the work they do are driven by networks and relationships.

And that’s what we map with the Complete Network Analysis tool.


How to we measure your Network?

The Complete Network Analysis is fast and insightful.

Nine simple questions uncover the operational, cultural and strategic dynamics at play.

In order to set up the survey, we just need the email address of everyone participating in the survey, their first and last name and their department. Then, the more demographic tags you provide the more insights we can return to you.

Demographics deepen the analysis we can undertake and the benefits of the insights we can provide. Once launched, data could be in your hands within a month.

When should you use the Complete Network Analysis?

Leaders will find the Complete Behavioural Assessment useful at any time in their career.

 Organisations might want to consider our Complete Network Analysis when they want to:

  • Save Money: By targeting your investments on the people and initiatives who will transform your business
  • Expose Silos: Identify which parts of your business are well connected and which parts are disconnected from each other
  • Accelerate Team Performance: Benchmark your leadership team and identify areas of focus to accelerate performance
  • Predict Attrition: Identify the people most at risk of exit and those who may need more support to enhance their performance
  • Leverage your talent: Step change your talent pool management by understanding who is the most influential and in demand
  • Measure equity and D&I: Quantify whether and where in your organisation there may be diversity and inclusivity or equity issues

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Academic Foundations

Our approach and methodology is integrated and sophisticated, rooted in network science.The origins of Network Analysis go back more than fifty years when leaders in the 1960s start to use mathematics (graph theory) to understand work place dynamics and critical workplace interventions.

Network Analysis reveals invisible interactions between people in the organisation.The Complete Network Analysis delivers powerful insights with just nine simple questions, big data analytics and our expert interpretation to resolve your most challenging issues.The insights from the Complete Network Analysis are presented in dynamic and interactive visualisations using Tableau.

Read our white papers to understand more on the origins of network analysis and our methodology.