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The Complete Coaching System is open to independent coaches who want to enhance their services and impact.

It’s a coaching course with a difference.

With proven returns on investment, the Complete Coaching System enables a step-change in performance.

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The high-impact coaching service offered by Complete is now open to independent coaches. Membership of the Complete Coaching System includes training and development opportunities and licensed access to some of the most robust and insightful assessments in the world.

This coaching course will move your coaching services to the next level. Build a membership package that meets your services and your coaches needs.

How it can improve your impact

Become a member of the Complete Coaching System

Our coaching courses are dynamic and interactive. Some offer self-directed learning to suit your own pace and availability. Others are workshops with opportunities to engage directly with like-minded coaches. Topic areas include wellbeing, strategic thinking and decision making and governance.

All Complete coaching courses are delivered by highly-experienced consultants. You will learn new skills and build your coaching offering. Our thriving global coaching community will welcome you to exchange insights, and enhance your learning and development. We offer a safe space for our members to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns, and to actively listen to and learn from one another.

Certification isn’t just a badge; it’s a journey toward improved performance and accelerated growth. Our array of certification courses for coaches include the world-class Values Profile, Behavioural 360 and Network Analysis assessments. With Complete certification you will be able to bring these assessments to your coaches and enhance your impact and their lives.

All certification involves exam and assignment grading to maintain the highest standards. Coaches with Complete certification hold a strong advantage in the competitive coaching marketplace.



Your credibility and professional standing as a coach will be enhanced by membership of the Complete Coaching System. It will increase your marketability and attractiveness to potential clients. As a member, you’ll have access to our coaching courses and the high-quality branded materials associated with Complete coaching.

You can also co-brand materials to enhance your own coaching brand by association. This enables you to bring a level of personalisation to your offering and benefit from the strong Complete brand.


Membership of the Complete Coaching System includes discounts on Complete assessments that you are certified in. This enables you to generate income from each assessment your coachees complete, as well as from the consultancy that comes with interpreting and giving feedback.

With the backing of this proven Coaching System, you can also grow your coaching practice. Your offering is enhanced and you can achieve greater impact with your coaches.

Our Available Courses

We’ve designed a range of Courses to help you become a more enlightened version of yourself

Values for Leaders
Behaviour 360 for Leaders
Energy Audit for Leaders
Networks for Leaders & Organisations

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Principles of the Complete Coaching System

The Complete Coaching System trains, certifies and partners with external coaches as well as internal HR and people teams to deliver coaching programmes and feedback on its suite of data analytics and assessment tools. It’s a different kind of coaching course.

The core principles of the Complete Coaching System are designed to create a fair and mutually-beneficial relationship for both coaches and Complete. We provide a comprehensive and structured framework, ensuring that coaches have the necessary tools and support to succeed in their practice. 

The Complete Coaching System empowers coaches to deliver high-quality, impactful coaching experiences for their clients.

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