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Environmental Articles

Climate change – why we need to rekindle our focus on this wicked problem

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Celebrating World Wildlife Day and the wellbeing impact of nature

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Celebrating the International Day of Forests and the inner world of emotions

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COP26 – connecting me, we and it

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Celebrating world water day and navigating our emotions

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Energy bank – discover the sources that sustain you

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Our ‘Re-Wilding’ Approach //

We run our organisation based on the environmental theory of ‘re-wilding’.
We’ve taken that and we’ve applied the theory to our business.
Here are the ’12 Characteristics of permaculture’:

  1. Observe & interact  – observe, sense and respond
  2. Catch and store energy – energy management
  3. Obtain a yield – sprints to obtain momentum
  4. Self-regulation & feedback – build a system
  5. Use renewable resources – give space & light touch, so not to delete
  6. No waste – sweet spot people, bliss
  7. Design from pattern to details – meta frame guides action, with MVP
  8. Integrate not segregate – 15 functional networks & crowds
  9. Small and slow solutions – Positive Energy Practice, practices daily
  10. Value diversity – compassion for difference
  11. Use edges, value the marginal – fossick the cutting edge
  12. Creatively use and respond to change – cultivate change capability