We don’t treat symptoms, we get to the root cause. We help the great grow.


Our approach is integrated and sophisticated, rooted in physiology and neuroscience.

We work from the inside out – starting with energy and emotions – because it’s impossible to deliver real change unless you fix the core of who we are and what really drives us.

We have a map and a play book that enables us to unlock new levels of capability in leaders, teams and organisations.


Our approach is radical.

1. We go deeper
We go well beyond the symptoms that you may be experiencing.
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We forensically identify and then transform the deep drivers of dysfunction. We unleash your true potential and take you to levels you did not realise you were capable of.

2. We are broad
Our approach is multi-dimensional, integral and evolutionary.
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We literally upgrade the human operating system, the cultural operating system and your strategic capability.

3. We deliver ROI
We measure progress and deliver ROI.
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Change is visible, fast, enjoyable and sustainable.


We work with great companies that understand that their most valuable asset is their people.

Our work enabled the Tesco’s leadership team to achieve 10 years of developmental progress in just 18 months.
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In 2017, the Central Europe (CE) businesses of a major UK retailer were in urgent need of leadership team improvement and a rapid turnaround.

The Linde Group
Sue Graham Johnston, Head of RBU UK/Ireland/Africa at the Linde Group wanted to enhance the performance of her senior leadership team.
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Alongside some personal coaching, Sue established a two-year Complete Senior Leadership Team Journey programme with her senior leadership team at Linde.

The combination of objective data and effective coaching conversations allowed this CEO to defeat his greatest internal enemies.
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With more energy, Doug found that he could was more aware of how he was using and losing energy, and this enabled him to use his energy in the right way – to focus on his performance.