Network analysis provides a unique view of talent 


A multinational automotive components firm employing more than 55,000 people had been acquired and undergone a recent major reorganisation. This prompted the CEO and VP of people to seek out the best way to improve the way people were working and enable better informed succession planning.

However, a lack of robust data on the new organisation was hampering the talent plans. The firm turned to Complete’s network analysis solution to help. The result was insights that could never have been gathered as quickly and as comprehensively. More than 16 months after the initial network analysis survey, the firm was still using the results to better inform people and organisational decisions.

The Challenge

There was very little existing data in the organisation to give the new VP of People an insight into the talent management situation. The performance review process had only just started and the last engagement survey was two to three years old. Additionally because of COVID, there had been limited opportunities to find out what was going on in the business.

The VP of people recognised that if she were to be able to gather talent management insights that could genuinely and reliably inform decisions, she needed a new approach. That’s when she turned to Complete.

The Complete approach

Complete Network Analysis requires employees to complete a 10-minute online survey. It’s easy and fast for participants to do and this ensures a high completion rate. Survey responses are then combined with organisational data and some clever work by data scientists to create interactive, dynamic visualisations of the results. And the results provide insights across multiple areas, including:

Complete’s Network Analysis offering enabled the VP of People to gather the talent management insights she and the senior leadership team would need to be able to make informed decisions. The solution offered a detailed data set of insights into how the organisation was working and how people were connecting with each other. It would quickly lift the lid on the talent landscape and reveal who was influential in the system. The organisation could also use the network analysis data to help identify key talent.

The results…

Using the insights the VP of People and the Executive team evolved their talent review process. Historically, this had involved a discussion about what people thought of different individuals in the organisation. This time, Complete created a talent report for each of the 12 people being discussed. The report combined insights on that individual from the Complete Network Analysis results, the Complete Values Profile, which precisely defines which of the eight value systems a leader operates from, and competency data. Together these were very powerful insights. For the first time, executives and HR were able to have well-informed and constructive conversations about talent.

A word from the client…

We are grateful to have worked with the Complete team. The Complete team of consultants and data scientists were phenomenal. They put in a lot of discretionary effort to make sure the whole thing went well and made the process very smooth and easy to understand. The team had the flexibility and commitment to get us to a great outcome.

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