We are born to grow and develop, to evolve into our higher potentials. For most people this is an opportunity; for leaders it is also a necessity.
Bevan Rees
Senior Practitioner

Biography //

Bevan’s lifelong passion for personal development germinated professionally when he designed and managed an integrative wellbeing platform for a large corporate finance client. A writer by trade, Bevan spent the next seven years running his own content creation agency with a personal focus on research and creative projects in executive development.

When a major life event presented him with a powerful opportunity to ‘wake up’, Bevan realised he could no longer ignore the call to serve the evolution of the people and systems around him. Since then, he has worked as coach and facilitator for corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and their teams.

Track record //

Bevan has coached senior leaders and led vertical team development initiatives in multiple geographies and industries, including pharmaceuticals, FMCG, transport and logistics. While in South Africa he gained priceless experience steering cultural change programmes through the complex dynamics of leadership in the country’s public sector.

In addition to coaching and facilitation, he has hosted numerous leadership development forums with senior academics, practitioners and industry leaders, and was the host and creator of Executive Learning Rewired, a successful podcast show serving corporate HR and L&D leaders.

“I believe that, with the right support, every leader can unlock these ever expanding capacities and live a life of increasing fulfilment and meaningful impact.”

Bevan Rees – Senior Practitioner

Style //

Bevan’s coaching style is defined by sincerity, compassion and presence. He creates robust, psychologically-safe environments for clients to explore and experience the change they seek. He takes a direct but empathic approach, being willing to challenge clients and offer insight, while always ensuring they feel continuously supported in their development. He likes to bring humour and levity into the coaching journey and is a big believer in walking the walk, committed always to embodying the level of change clients are invited to experience in their own lives.

Qualifications //

Bevan is an ICF accredited coach and is certified as an Integral Professional Coach through Integral Coaching Canada. He is trained in Time to Think facilitation and has completed multiple programmes in integral theory and development. He holds a BCom in Law and Economics.