I believe that within each person is a blend of unique skills, knowledge, experiences and potential.
Debbie Fisher
Senior Practitioner

Biography //

Debbie has developed her career in the public and not-for-profit sector including a range of Director roles in Strategy and Transformation within Social Housing and NHS organisations and most recently as a Director of an innovative crowd-sourcing business.

Debbie has led wide ranging transformation portfolios and programmes, led on organisational design and development, building lasting capabilities for change and improvement.

Track record //

She has led several high-profile culture change programmes ranging from transforming troubled organisations, innovating with sector leaders and has been instrumental in building a community of practice for 16,000 NHS finance professionals

In recent years, her focus has been working with organisations to use cutting-edge approaches to shape culture change and develop leaders who are working across complex systems.  She coaches leaders, teams and organisation to reach their potential, using their unique capabilities to influence and have impact.

“I love to bring people together to look from different perspectives, connect and build awareness.

I create safe spaces for people to ‘go there’ to the places that hold them back, which is critical in becoming who they truly can be.”

Debbie Fisher – Senior Practitioner

Style //

Debbie’s approach consistently demonstrates an ethos of co-creation and collaboration through deeply listening and connecting with people.

She brings a lightness and energy to her interactions and creates psychologically safe spaces that enable people to get creative, problem solve and work at their best.

Qualifications //

Debbie is a qualified executive coach with a specialism in ego maturity. She has been trained by Pacific Integral in the model underpinning the Complete Maturity Profile. She is a certified Systemic Team Coach and holds a range of project management qualifications in addition to a BA Hons in English Literature.