My purpose is to bring creativity from conflict. I really believe that “if we change the workplace we change the world.
Nick Dalton
Senior Practitioner

Biography //

Nick is a highly experienced, senior HR executive who has recently transitioned into a new role in leadership development and consulting.

Nick trained in politics and economics he joined Unilever in 1986 and worked for them for the next 36 years in a wide range of HR and leadership roles. His experience of the people agenda is almost unrivalled and ranges from designing new reward systems for sales forces, working with marketing teams to speed up innovation times to setting up new companies and troubleshooting industrial relationships crisis across the globe. He has a passion for change management, organisational development and industrial/employee relations. Nick has worked in the UK, Switzerland and Netherlands.

Track record //

Nick has had a very successful career which includes delivery of some incredible transformations in organisational culture and HR practice. He is now an advocate for “Paradox HR”, the 6th great wave of leadership and people management. He is one of the best global thinkers on the future of Work and architected many of Unilever’s own initiatives in this area.

Nick’s incredibly impressive corporate background has given him extensive experience of what makes leadership highly effective and productive. He co-authored a book on the past present and future of HR, called ‘The HR (R)Evolution: Change the Workplace Change the World’ with Alan Watkins in 2020.

“My purpose is to bring creativity from conflict. I really believe that “if we change the workplace we change the world.”

Nick Dalton – Senior Practitioner

Style //

As a business leader Nick delivers results through people. He is an incisive thinker and brilliant people strategist. He works very effectively with people from all backgrounds and is able to take groups in conflict and turn them into creative teams that can drive growth and innovation. As a consultant and facilitator Nick likes to listen and to ask very precise and powerful questions to help reveal an way forward for teams, individual leaders and entire organisations. He does this with incredible good humour and a wealth of experience that makes being on the end of Nick’s questions is a highly enjoyable experience.

Qualifications //

Nick has a BA in Politics and Economics from Newcastle University.

Nick has over 35 years of experience as a leader, coach and mentor, mostly in line management roles and more recently as inspirational global key note speaker on change and the future of work.