The Complete Energy Audit is an assessment designed to provide insights into your health, well-being, and performance.

We generate your results by analysing the following:

Your Heart Rate Variability data (collected over a 72-hour period)
Your daily activities and emotions that you logged during the monitoring period
Your responses to an Emotional and Social Intelligence Questionnaire (ESQ)


Where to start

Once you have received your HRV Monitor please start the monitoring as soon as possible and within a week of receiving the monitor – the batteries are charged to cater for this only.

In the event of the monitor battery running out earlier, please follow these step-by-step instructions to recharge.

To carry out your HRV monitoring we ask where possible that you choose three days with a variety of interactions and activities. For example, monitoring over two workdays and one day at the weekend should incorporate a period of relaxation and productivity. This will provide a more detailed understanding of your coherence in different situations.

Understanding your equipment

Within your HRV kit, you will find a ‘Firstbeat Bodyguard 2’ monitor with disposable electrodes.

Please find the disclaimers, warranty guidelines and coverage details for the Firstbeat monitor here. Please note the device is not waterproof and is not recommended for use together with a pacemaker.

To commence monitoring please attach the monitor in the morning, post-shower, and remove it 3 days later after you wake up. For example, if you start on a Monday at 9 am, you should remove the monitor on Thursday at 9 am. A green LED light will flash to indicate that your data is being recorded, please note that the flashing light can be hard to see in bright light.

Just follow the 4 step by step guide illustrations below!

Hygiene and Monitoring

It is advisable to NOT remove your monitor during the 3-day monitoring period. However, if necessary, you can take off the HRV monitor for short periods. For example, detaching the monitor for showers, using a sauna, or swimming because the device is not waterproof . Recording continues automatically when you reattach the monitor.

The HRV kit contains enough disposable electrodes to enable you to change them at least once a day if necessary, for example after taking a shower or if they become loose after exercise. The electrode gel may irritate your skin, so it’s best to clean and dry your skin if you change the electrodes. To improve the contact, we recommend shaving hair from the contact area if necessary. Even with fine hairs, it is often worth shaving to avoid any discomfort on removal. If you have a dermatological condition or have experienced or are currently experiencing an allergic reaction, please immediately remove the monitor and let us know. If you experience some irritation caused to your skin by the electrodes, please get in touch. We can order hypoallergenic electrodes for you if needed.

Sleeping during your monitoring

Please ensure that you keep the monitor on during sleep, as sleep periods contain essential data on your ability to recover. Due to movements during sleep, the monitor might accidentally detach during the night, to avoid losing essential data, we recommend wearing a close-fitting top at night. It is important to ensure your monitor and electrodes stay in place during your sleep as sleep data is crucial to the analysis.

Please do not wear the monitor in the water as the product is not waterproof. However, it is safe to use during strenuous exercise. If you are worried about it becoming detached, we recommend wearing tight clothing and sports tape to keep it in place.

Finishing your monitoring

Once you have come to the end of your 3-day monitoring period simply detach the monitor from your body and the monitoring will end automatically. The data is stored directly on the monitor therefore it will need to be returned to us for its analysis. Simply put the monitor back in the box, place the box into the envelope provided, and contact your contact from our Client Services team for collection and further steps.

Once we receive your data, we will perform the analysis to create your Complete Energy Audit report. You will receive the report during your feedback session with your practitioner.


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