The Complete Network Analysis reveals the hidden dynamics that drive performance and clarifies how information flows and decisions really happen.

We’ve gathered your most frequently asked questions to help support you with the Complete Network Analysis.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

The survey can take 10 -15 minutes depending on how long you like to deliberate on your answers to each question.


I do not want to select anyone for a question but the survey won’t let me proceed, what do I do?

If you do not want to nominate anyone for that question, please make sure you click on the button at the bottom that says, “there is no-one that I connect with”.

The people I work with are not in the survey, what should I do?

Your organisation has specifically limited the survey population to a set number of people. As a result, you may not find some people you wished to nominate.

If you can’t find anyone appropriate for that specific question within the survey population then please click on “there is no-one that I connect with”.

We are aware that we may not capture everyone you connect with. This is taken into account when analysing the data.

Will my colleagues find out if I have or have not nominated them?

Absolutely not. This information is completely confidential. Your individual nominations will never be revealed to anyone in your organisation at any time.

The survey is designed to look at the connectivity within and between different groups of people right across the business and it’s not about who nominated who.

Some departments may have relatively low levels of connectivity. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, high levels of connectivity may suggest bottleneck. The context of the connectivity and the appropriateness of connections guides the interpretation of the data.

The survey is very specific and needs me to nominate individuals, will this be used to choose who stays in the organisation and who goes?

Absolutely not. The survey is designed to improve organisation, team, and individual performance. It aims to identify what support is needed is right across the business. Sometimes there are very legitimate reasons why individuals may have very low levels of connectivity.

The individual may have just joined the company for example; or they have just returned from maternity leave; or they are a single point contributor; or most of the individual’s connectivity may be outside the survey population or with external stakeholders. The survey is not a measure of an individual’s performance.

Do I need to complete this survey?

The survey is not mandatory, but we can only help you if you complete the survey so we can see the most comprehensive picture of how the organisation operates. So please take the time to complete the survey. Your views are very valuable to help with the organisation’s development. Without your participation, the survey will be less powerful and we any insights for your team and your department will be slightly less precise.



I do not understand the survey because it is in English, are you able to translate this?

Please contact for assistance. The survey can be translated into French for example, if needed.


I am unable to locate my login details/my login details are not working, what do I do?

Please search your inbox for an email from , this may have gone into your junk folder.