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Emotional and social intelligence often matters more than IQ. Accurately assess current levels of EQ and social intelligence.

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The Complete Emotional Assessment evaluates your place on 12 levels of emotional and social intelligence. These range from awareness, through to emotional literacy, self-regulation and ultimately empathy, social impact awareness and our ability to sustain positive relationships.

What do we assess?

Objectively quantifying a person’s level of emotional and social intelligence isn’t easy. We’ve reviewed over 200 questionnaires, 2,400 questions organised into 800 constructs and more than 650 academic papers to define 12 levels of emotional and social intelligence.

Most other assessments only measure, at best, half of the constructs needed to quantify this line of development, and many are contaminated with concepts that have nothing to do with emotional intelligence.

How it can impact your business

Here’s how this assessment can help you

Few people realise that our emotional intelligence is grounded in control of our energy levels. That’s the essential start point of the Complete Emotional Assessment.

Our emotions are ‘energy in motion’. Understanding that our emotions are affected by our physiology is transformative and enables us to start our journey to greater emotional control.

As with most Complete assessments, the Complete Emotion Assessment is developmental.

In fact, we’ve created 12 mission on our Complete app that align with each level of emotional and social intelligence. That means you can move seemlessly from assessment to development.

Our inabilty to change how we feel on demand hampers performance and wellbeing. This assessment is the first step in achieving greater emotional control.

Stop being at the mercy of your emotions and start to take control of your emotional response. The great news for all of us is that with this assessment and careful development we can take control and build our confidence.

Once we have cultivated emotional awareness and self-regulation we can build emotional resilience.

The Complete Emotional Assessment reveals how close you are to emotional resilience, which is an essential level of emotional intelligence. If you want to build your emotional intelligence, knowing where you are now is critical to defining the journey to future emotional mastery.

For leaders

Accurately assess the EQ and social intelligence levels of leaders.

For teams

Identify EQ strengths and weaknesses in senior teams that could be affecting team interactions and working relationships.

For organisations

Assess and then build EQ in your organistion for greater wellbeing, enhanced health and stronger relationships.

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