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Probably the most objective leadership assessment in the world.

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The Complete Energy Audit combines 72-hour heart rate monitoring with a diary and online questionnaire to give one of the most objective assessments of leadership performance and potential.

Objective measurement of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) provides a window into many leadership dimensions, including decision-making, emotional intelligence, stress, fatigue, leadership style and efficiency.

Transforming Outcomes through Behaviours

The Complete Energy Audit is a measure of Heart Rate Variabilty linked to work-focused activities. HRV is a well-established indicator. More than 19,000 published scientific papers explore HRV. Specifically, HRV quantifies energy levels and brain function that are highly relevant to leadership.

How it can impact your business

Here’s how this assessment is going to help you

The Complete Energy Audit provides an early warning indicator of potential burnout or stress.

It is objective data, not self-reported, and is therefore a reliable indicator of stress, even in leaders who may not realise they have an issue.

Most leaders are relatively poor at estimating their energy levels. This can impact how effective leaders are at getting the job done. The Complete Energy Profile removes the need for self-assessment and self-reporting. Instead it offers an objective, valid measure of a leaders’ energy levels and their ability to perform at their best.

The Complete Energy Audit provides a valuable benchmark at the start of a coaching engagement. It provides objective insights into what a leader needs to change in order to improve energy levels and the quality of their decision making.

The Complete Energy Audit is a useful assessment as you consider candidates for promotion. It provides insights into an individual’s ability to operate in the new role and whether they have the energy to succeed. This can avoid costly promotion mistakes.

For Leaders

An essential assessment for leaders to avoid burnout, identify coaching interventions and succeed in new roles.

For Teams

Aggregated indivdiual assessments can highlight teams that are short on energy and unable to meet their full potential.

For Organisations

Informs succession planning at critical senior levels – including CEO – and brings certainty and objectivity to subjective decisions.


Energise your journey

The Complete Energy Audit is an HRV assesment combined with diary and online questionnaire.

The HRV assessment is undertaken by wearing a heart rate monitor (supplied by Complete) for 72-hours. The subject then returns the heart rate monitor with the completed online questionnaire and diary.

The assessment results are benchmarked against a global executive database of leaders of a similar age.

Detailed results and interpretation are provided in a 38-page assessment report. The report includes feedback on energy levels, energy quality, emotional development, burnout risk and sleep quality.

Our Process

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Complete your 72 hour assessment and online questionnaire


Your data is then measured against our global database of leaders


We examine your heart rate variability data and responses to provide in-depth analysis


The data is then reviewed with of our trained practitioners


You start your journey towards greater effectiveness and wellbeing

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