Dr Alan Watkins

CEO & Co-Founder

“I have dedicated my life to helping leaders develop and make better decisions”

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“I want to help reduce human suffering”

Alan’s purpose is both clear and ambitious. With his background as a physician and neuroscientist, it’s evident where his passion stems from. However, Alan made a significant shift 25 years ago. He moved away from individual patient care to address suffering on a broader scale.

His focus turned towards collaborating with large multinational corporations, acknowledging their potential impact on people’s livelihoods and mental wellbeing. Alan understands that while corporations can be a force for good, poor leadership decisions can result in significant suffering.

Alan firmly believes in the capacity of every individual to grow and develop. He advocates for leaders who embody compassion and inclusivity, knowing that their decisions can positively affect thousands, even millions, within an organisation and its supply chains.

“We believe every single person has the ability to become a better, more complete and effective human being.”

Dr Alan Watkins – CEO & Co-Founder

Alan has helped companies treble share price, enter the FTSE 100, salvage difficult turn arounds and establish market leadership in their industry. He has coached many executive teams to significantly greater levels of performance, transformed organisational cultures, helped leaders discover their purpose and identify new ways to succeed. He is an inspiring and entertaining keynote and his TEDx lectures have
attracted over 8 million views.

Alan has an all-encompassing desire for the development of human
beings and the enlightenment of leaders. His style is deeply insightful and robustly challenging. He is also very supportive, encouraging and
humorous. He integrates his very broad mix of abilities and depth of
thinking on multiple topics to help clients transform themselves, their teams and their organisations, achieving result that even they didn’t think were possible.

In addition to his medical degree Alan also has a first class degree in
Psychology from the University of London and a PhD in Immunology from
Southampton University, UK. He has written numerous academic papers,
published in peer reviewed scientific journals. He is the author of eleven
books on topics from leadership to how to solve the world’s toughest
problems and he has three more books in preparation.

He is an Honorary Professor in Business Studies at Kingston University, London and well as a faculty member at the London Interdisciplinary School (LIS) and the Californian Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

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