Network Analysis

“Organisations are no longer defined by reporting lines. Successful organisations are driven by networks and relationships.”

Best for: Leaders, Teams & Organisations
Impact: Organisational Development & Talent Management

What we can do for you

Complete Network Analysis reveals, with incredible precision, how your company actually works. Our technology identifies powerful, actionable data-based insights about what’s going on in your business and guides interventions to improve your performance. Complete Network Analysis insights can address your most compelling commercial questions across four critical dimensions:

1. The entire organisation

2. Your talent pool

3. Your leadership or divisional teams

4. Individual leadership capability

Understand our model

Network analysis is a way of studying the relationships and interdependencies in an organisation. It has evolved out of mathematics and computer science, but is now an established and robust method of understanding how people interact and get work done in an organisation.

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How it can impact your business

Here’s how this assessment is going to help you

Reveal where the silos are in your organisation and understand how to break down such silos and hierarchy.

Pinpoint the best people to drive change, bridge the gaps between different divisions, and step change your connectivity, connecting those parts of your business that need to work together to drive performance.

Reveal how leadership teams are currently performing and identify which parts of your business may be overloaded and which teams may have spare capacity.

Complete Network Analysis ranks the influence of each individual to reveal where most of your talent is concentrated within the organisation.

Complete Network Analysis identifies how many innovators you really have and where they are. With that information, you can leverage your innovators for enhanced growth.

Complete Network Analysis identifies the stress hotspots in your organisation where individuals are under excessive demand and poorly supported. This enables rapid corrective intervention which can save significant subsequent health care and attrition costs.

Complete Network Analysis can reveal why good people are leaving, identify causes of sickness absence levels, and presenteeism.

For Leaders

Identify innovators, people pinch points and flight risks.

For Teams

Know which teams are overloaded and which have spare capacity.

For Organisations

Forget the org chart, find out how work really gets done in your organisation, and how to optmise for success.


Reveal how your organisation really works.

Our approach and methodology is integrated and sophisticated, rooted in network science. The origins of Network Analysis go back more than 50 years when leaders in the 1960s started to use mathematics (graph theory) to understand workplace dynamics and critical workplace interventions. Network Analysis reveals invisible interactions between people in the organisation.

The Complete Network Analysis delivers powerful insights with just nine simple questions, big data analytics and our expert interpretation to resolve your most challenging issues. The insights from the Complete Network Analysis are presented in dynamic and interactive visualisations using Tableau.

Our Process

What you can expect when working with us


Stakeholders define queries, shaping the survey’s scope and scale


Employees engage in a 10-minute survey mapping work connections and relationships


Our data scientists craft your results into dynamic visualisations and benchmark them against our database


We run a workshop that aids in identifying actions for transforming leaders, teams, and your organisation


Network goals are then set as part of your development programme

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