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“A strong culture can help or hurt performance. Culture can account for up to half of the difference in operating profit between two organizations in the same business”

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Recruitment and promotion often prioritise technical competence and sector experience but, at a senior level, values become a better determinant of a leader’s suitability. The Complete Values Profile, based on 40 years of extensive research, assesses leaders’ value systems, providing insights into their strategic, operational and managerial approaches.

The Complete Values Profile helps determine cultural fit, growth potential, and authenticity. Leaders can be benchmarked against each other and our global database of over 16,000 leaders.

What values do we assess?

The Complete Values Profile assessment is grounded in the work of Professor Clare Graves. Graves’ model identifies eight distinct value systems. These value systems emerge in a spiral of increasing sophistication, building upon the previous level. This evolutionary aspect makes Graves’ model well-suited to drive personal and collective growth.

Proof is in the results

Dominant values over time

How it can impact your business

Here’s how this assessment can help you

Everyone knows that culture eats strategy for breakfast, and execution for lunch. But despite many organisations recognising the importance of culture and values the complexity of organisational culture means that most companies struggle to effect a positive cultural transformation. Core values are the catalyst behind the behaviours that define your organisastion.

By deeply understanding the evolution and profound significance of these core values, you have the power to spark a sustainable transformation of attitudes, paving the path towards a cultural revolution that yields unparalleled commercial success.

Promotion, including at a senior level, is often biased towards technical competency and sector expertise. However, ability and track record only determine part of a leader’s suitability for a role. The Complete Values Profile has been used widely in recruitment and succession planning to successfully determine how leaders are likely to lead and what kind of impact they will have.

By determining a leader’s cultural fit, ability to accelerate growth and potential to drive a team forward, we can help futureproof the success of a leader and support commercial progress.

During the recruitment process, the Complete Values Profile assessment can provide a valuable insight into a candidate’s potential cultural fit and the risk of culture clashes.

This can help avoid costly recruitment mistakes, particularly at senior levels. The outputs of the assessment can also be used, for successful candidates, to guide personal development and help ensure optimum performance when they do join your organisation.

Differences in dominant values can reveal why an organisation fails, and this is often due to culture clashes. This is particularly evident in mergers and acquisitions, where expected synergies and economies of scale may not materialise due to cultural differences.

Understanding values helps transform culture, with evidence showing its impact on commercial success. Cultural development delivers tangible results and can improve engagement scores, validating culture’s positive impact on performance.

For Leaders

Assess a leader’s values to determine cultural fit.

For Teams

Identify potential culture clashes and ensure optimum teamwork.

For Organisations

Support key organisational decisions at senior levels by understanding the values of your senior teams.


Our approach to creating a transformational culture

The most informative research on culture and value systems has been conducted by various academic centers, with notable contributions from Prof. Shalom Schwartz, Prof. Geert Hofstede, and Prof. Clare Graves. These independent researchers have found significant overlap in their findings. Our approach incorporates the research of all three, giving particular emphasis to Graves’ work due to its predictive power and evolutionary implications for individual and collective development.

Professor Clare Graves’ model holds special importance in our approach. It is based on empirical observational research spanning three decades and identifies eight distinct value systems. These value systems emerge in a spiral of incrasing sophistication, building upon the previous level. This evolutionary aspect makes Graves’ model well-suited to drive personal and collective growth.

Our Process

What you can expect when working with us


Fill in the assessment to find out your commercial and personal value system


All data is collated to generate a Complete Values Report


The data is then reviewed by one of our trained practitioners


Receive feedback from one of our trained practitioners either 1:1 or at an event


Goals are then set as part of your development programme using the insights from the Values Report

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