The Complete Story

We don’t treat symptoms, we get to the root cause.

We help the great grow.

Our Origin

Complete was founded by Dr Alan Watkins and his wife Sarah in 2004.

Alan’s passion has always been to reduce human suffering. After working as a physician for 12 years he decide to leave medical practice to try and affect change on a larger scale and work with organisations around the world.

Alan and the Complete team have helped thousands of leaders, teams and organisations on every continent grow and flourish. We help clients with a mix of individual and team coaching. We also build their leadership academies and transfer our skills and knowledge to our clients through certification programmes. All of this is supported by a suite of advanced developmental assessments, a number of books and our new wellbeing App.

Our Principles

At Complete there are six principles that guide all our work, we are:


We believe in inclusivity and the value of inner and outer diversity.

We work to make sure there’s equity in our business and equal access for everyone. We care about diversity because it delivers better quality answers, wisdom and ultimately system justice.


We recognise the world is complicated and change can be difficult.

We have compassion for ourselves and our clients who are often under intense pressure to deliver to multiple stakeholders.


We see development  as central to how we work together, and as a strategic advantage.

This means we invest significant time and effort into the development of every person and group within the business.


We don’t believe in silos or hierarchies. We are a networked organisation with strong operational, cultural and strategic bonds right across the business.

We work in crowds regardless of seniority, longevity or role to build networks with our colleagues and with many stakeholders outside the business.


Given the complexity making the right decisions is often very difficult. So we use a new form of decision making. It’s called Crowdocracy.

It integrates the views of everyone, promotes engagement and alignment and unlocks the wisdom of the crowd enabling everyone’s voice to be heard.


As founders we believe in the beauty of human nature. We work to create the right conditions and give people the space to grow.

With help people’s natural beauty and innate intelligence emerges. We continually evaluate what works for everyone and cultivate the company ecosystem to create a culture where people can truly flourish.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is integrated and sophisticated, rooted in physiology and neuroscience.

We work from the inside out – starting with energy and emotions – because it’s impossible to deliver real change unless you fix the core of who we are and what really drives us.

We have a map and a play book that enables us to unlock new levels of capability in leaders, teams and organisations.

Our ‘Re-wilding’ Approach

At Complete there are twelve principles that guide all our work, we are:


Observe & Interact
Observe, sense & respond


Catch & Store Energy
Energy management


Obtain a Yield
Sprints to obtain momentum


Self-Regulation & Feedback
Build a system


Use Renewable Resources
Give space & light touch, so not to delete


No Waste
Sweet spot people, bliss


Design From Pattern to Details
Meta frame guides action, with MVP


Integrate not Segregate
15 functional networks & crowds


Small & Slow Solutions
Positive Energy Practice, practices daily


Value Diversity
Compassion for difference


Use Edges, Value the Marginal
Fossick the cutting edge


Creatively Use & Respond to Change
Cultivate change capability

The Complete Team

Our Complete team are a diverse an accomplished team driven by Compassion. We are restless, always striving to achieve meaningful change.

What they say about us

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