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Embarking on a leadership journey requires dedication and a strategic approach. What if we could guide you in navigating the nuances of leadership, helping you build a strong foundation from the start?

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Experience personal growth and success with our approach that prioritises your development as an individual, fosters stronger relationships and empowers you to take actions towards fulfilment. We delve into every aspect of your being, from biology to behaviour, offering insights on how to control your physiology, master emotions, and enhance your thinking speed and quality. Collaborating with you, we’ll transform your relationships with colleagues, stakeholders and students, elevating the effectiveness of your working teams. Our development programmes deliver measurable impact, and our coaching ensures a clear return on investment.

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We know working with Leaders in Education changes the lives of everyone involved.

Leadership in education is challenging. You may not be able to stop time, but you can assess and improve your energy levels to enable you to thrive in this challenging role. The Complete approach goes deeper than other leadership development programmes and gives HR leaders the tools you need to give you the energy you need to perform at your best

All decisions in education matter. Unfortunately, making the right decision at the right time will not happen if we are in a chaotic physiological state. You may not even be fully aware of it, but without coherence, your ability to think clearly and consider all the potential eventualities is seriously compromised. Our leadership coaching and development programmes go deeper to fundamentally improve your physiology and your heart rate variabilty (HRV) which will directly enhance your decision making as an educational leader.

Relationships are fundamental to success in any organisation, but especially in education. We only succeed when we work well with others. Educational leaders are often expected to inspire and motivate others. However, this may not come easily to everyone. The good news is that it is a capabilty that can be developed. Complete’s leadership development programmes enable leaders in education to both understand their own motivations and get an insight into the motivations of others. This is the start of transformative relationships at work.

Complete’s approach is about vertical development. We unlock new levels of capability. Horizontal development is associated with the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Vertical development is fundamentally about increasing our capacity or our ‘processing power’.

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The Complete App offers a wide range of skills and programs that are scientifically grounded to support your development with a core focus on emotional development and wellbeing.

Deliver quantifiable returns in terms of improved mental health, emotional development and personal performance.

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