Team Energy Grid

Focused teams with high levels of team spirit can transform commercial success. Discover your team’s hidden dynamics.

Best for: Leaders & Organisations
Impact: Succession Planning, Talent Acquisition

What we can do for you

The Team Energy Grid looks at the energy footprint of every team member and how they affect their colleagues on good days and bad days.

It paints a vivid picture of normally unseen dynamics that must be addressed if a team wants to become best in class.

Anonymised 360-degree data is meticulously plotted on a dynamic grid that defines four quardrants, each offering profound insights into team dynamics.

How it can impact your business

Here’s how this assessment can help you

The Team Energy Grid helps you understand people’s perception of a leader’s impact and encourages you to deal with the reality of how people see each other’s footprint.

With these insights you have an informed guide to help you build the most effective and energised teams.

The Team Energy Grid reveals how together or scattered the team is and what you, as a leader, need to do to improve that.

Ideal for senior leadership teams, the results of the Team Energy Grid enable a team leader to focus attention on interventions that will have the most impact on team performance.

The Team Energy Grid helps you, as a leader, understand how the team’s energy ripples across the organisation, shaping the culture or sapping its energy.

A senior team can have a a huge motivating or demotivating impact on the rest of the organisation. This assessment reveals whether your senior team is achieving all of its potential in terms of cascading energy and focus.

The Team Energy Grid provides a deep understanding of a team’s spirit. It is an essential tool to managing the most vital resource in all teams – their energy and impact on each other.

Energy is fundamental to team spirt and ultimately performance. Without adequate energy, team’s fail to fulfil their potential. This assessment reveals exactly what spirit exists in your most important organisational teams.

For leaders

Create a deeper understanding of exactly how a leader impacts the team.

For teams

Uncover the truth of team spirit and set a path for improvement, even on the toughest days.

For organisations

Ensure your organisation’s top teams and their leaders are set up for success with.

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