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We know that every leader has
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We are Complete

We are a diverse and accomplished team.
We are restless, always striving to achieve meaningful change. Compassion drives everything we do.

Dr. Alan Watkins

CEO & Founder

A physician and neuroscientist, Dr. Alan Watkins is recognised as an international expert on leadership and human performance.

Sarah Watkins

Director & Co-founder

Sarah is a co-founder of Complete with her focus being directed internally, overseeing many of the financial and business support aspects of the company.

Peter Dawson

Senior Practitioner

Peter, with over 20 years of business leadership experience, has elevated hundreds of executives and teams through his approach, significantly enhancing their vertical development.

Katie Ledger

Senior Practitioner

Katie coaches senior leaders globally, specialising in media and technology sectors for the past decade. She empowers them to achieve results under pressure.

Alan Littlefield

Senior Practitioner

Alan has coached and facilitated in diverse industries such as finance, retail, FMCG, professional services, pharmaceuticals, transport, engineering, and the public sector.

Rachel Woolf

Senior Practitioner

Post-Great British Rowing Team, Rachel excelled in leadership & team development, earning two world championship medals with diverse crews.

Gestur Palmason

Senior Practitioner

Gestur has worked with pop artists, business leaders, international soccer players, injured sportspeople, ministers and many more. Many of whom have chosen to stick with him for years.

Bevan Rees

Senior Practitioner

Bevan has coached senior leaders and led vertical team development initiatives in multiple geographies and industries, including pharmaceuticals, FMCG, transport and logistics.

Ralph Behnke

Senior Practitioner

Ralph’s passion is change and technology. Helping business adopt new technology to speed up operational efficiency, transform their supply chains and improve their customer experience.

Dave Hughes

Senior Practitioner

As a business leader Dave delivers results through people. He is very inclusive, brings the best out of people and works very effectively with people from all backgrounds.

Emma Hollywell

Senior Practitioner

While working in the City of London, Emma extended her expertise to professional executives, helping them enhance both personal growth and professional development.

Debbie Fisher

Senior Practitioner

Debbie has led diverse transformation efforts, focusing on organisational design and development to build lasting capabilities for improvement.

Alex Oliver

Senior Practitioner

Alex works individually with ambitious executives and leaders. Using proven approaches, she challenges them to transform themselves, their work, and communities.

Dr. Matt Silver

Senior Practitioner

Matt specialises in developing those in education. By enhancing the capacity of leaders and learners, progress and innovation can be driven throughout the community.

Claire Davey

Senior Practitioner

Claire, an international executive coach and development consultant, previously spearheaded coaching and leadership development at Deloitte before joining Complete.

Helga Gunnarsdottir

Helga is an energetic and passionate individual who fosters a supportive environment to unlock potential and maximise performance, dedicated to helping people thrive in all aspects of life.

Nick Dalton

Senior Practitioner

Nick’s successful career involves transformative shifts in organisational culture and HR practices, and he now advocates for “Paradox HR,” the 6th great wave of leadership.

Daryl King

Senior Practitioner

Daryl, an executive coach and consultant with over 20 years of experience, helps leaders, teams, and organisations become more thoughtful and deliberate in their work.

Shaun Jones

Senior Practitioner

Shaun likes to create the space for his clients to self-discover, with a style that is non-directive, whilst also being challenging so that clients can achieve their potential.

Maud Raber

Senior Practitioner

Alison Gill

Senior Practitioner

With over 30 years of experience, Ali specialises in coaching leaders, focusing on human behaviour and dynamics for enhanced leadership effectiveness.

Chris Parry

Senior Practitioner

Chris, CEO of the Centre for High Performance Development, earned top rankings in the Sunday Times’ best small companies for inspirational leadership.

Pip Clarke

Senior Practitioner

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