Dr Matt Silver

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“Leadership development is the missing link in education”

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Matt started working in mainstream education in 2009 after 25 years with a Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) charity and is now CEO of Pathways Education. He has also completed his doctorate on self-determination theory in education. Matt created Meaningful Mastery, a project-based learning curriculum for the 21st Century, which is showing incredible results across all aspects of school data. He also lectures on a number of leadership Masters courses and is the Director of the National College of Education’s MBA programme. Matt is driven to define best practice in education for the 21st century. He draws on the development of the self and systems, as well as conscious leadership to create that best practice. With Complete, Matt’s passion is to unlock the capacity of others in education. His vision is for EQ to receive equal recognition to IQ in education.

“We can unlock the capacity of leaders in education if we take an approach that focuses on our emotional selves, not just targets. It is my ambition to have EQ recognised alongside IQ in education.”

Dr Matt Silver – Senior Practitioner

Matt’s ground breaking work in intrinsic motivation and development in the curriculum has established his school as a UK best practice leader.

Matt is driven to understand the complex needs of learners and this has given him great insight into managing teams and integrating diverse strengths into achieving rapid strategic outcomes. His coaching expertise is an essential part of this success, as he is able to find unique talents and unlock them across teams and whole school populations. This results in the achievement of system balance, as evidenced in published academic journal articles.

Matt’s style is energetic and ambitious, but is deeply in tune with the needs and support of each individual. This allows him to bring whole teams together and align both individual and team vision.

Matt believes that development is the missing piece to the education picture and that increasing the capacity of leaders and learners alike can allow leaps of progress and innovation to occur in the whole community.

Matt has completed the entire ladder of educational and leadership qualifications and has received his Doctor of Education from UCL’s, Institute of Education.

Matt also has a degree in Sports Science and Psychology, a PGCE and a Masters in Special and Inclusive Education. He also has an NPQ for Executive Leaders and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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