Maud Raber

Senior Practitioner

“The aim is to cultivate authentic leaders who drive their teams toward innovation, performance, and well-being, addressing global challenges of the 21st century and beyond.”

Expert In: Leaders & Organisations
Collaborative, Considerate & Compassionate


Maud’s early career after her Masters in Political Administration was as a political advisor then as a management consultant, supporting senior leaders and executives in sensitive transformations. Leading various national political campaigns, she was France’s youngest MP candidate at age 26. Working for the French Senate, and then for international and boutique consultancies.

Maud’s expertise in coaching has led her to become a trainer of coaches herself, both internationally and online since 2017. Her training programs have been conducted in Europe, the USA, and Russia, and have helped to develop and hone the skills of many aspiring coaches. Her diverse background has given her a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that leaders face in different settings, and she uses this experience to help her clients achieve success. Overall, Maud’s passion for coaching and her extensive experience in leadership make her an invaluable asset to any organization looking to develop outstanding leaders and drive innovation and performance globally.

“I wish to foster the emergence of powerful and authentic leaders who will take their teams and organisations towards highly innovative pathways to performance, meaning and well-being at work, and solve at their level the global issues of the 21st century and beyond.”

Maud Raber – Senior Practitioner

Maud is a highly skilled executive coach with 10 years of experience working internationally. She specializes in supporting CEOs, C-suite leaders, managers, boards, and leadership teams in organizations to develop outstanding leadership skills that drive culture transformation, innovation, and performance worldwide. Maud’s first-hand experience in leadership, innovation and cultural transformation has been gained through her work in global consulting firms and start-ups. She has first-hand leadership experience in global consulting firms and start ups.

Maud is widely recognized for her ability to become a long-term trusted coach to her clients. Her coaching style is highly energizing, engaging, and pragmatic. She is known for her infectious openness, which quickly builds trust with her clients, enabling them to have the key conversations they require with each other or with themselves. Maud’s pragmatism ensures that clients take the powerful insights they gain from each interaction and know how to turn them into actionable steps for progress in their own environment.

Maud is a multilingual professional (English, French, and German) with extensive certifications and training in various coaching disciplines. She is a Certified Integral Master Coach (ICF accredited) from Integral Coaching Canada, a Certified Leadership Circle Profile and Collective Leadership Assessment Coach, and a Certified Global Leadership Profile and Action Inquiry developmental coach trained by Bill Torbert. Additionally, she is an Accredited Level II Leadership Embodiment Coach and Instructor under Wendy Palmer, a Certified Embodiment Facilitator, and a Trained Holacracy Coach and facilitator from Holacracy One. Maud holds accreditation as a Professional Co-Development group coaching Facilitator and is a Certified behavioral and systemic coach from Ecole Française de Coaching. Her training also includes mindfulness, somatic coaching, systemic organizational constellations, and adult development. Academically, she has a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Sciences Po Paris.

Maud speaks English, French and German fluently.

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