Dave Hughes

Senior Practitioner

“My purpose is to serve. I help individuals and teams to discover things they did not know about themselves.”

Expert In: Leaders & Organisations
Inclusive, Insightful & Accomplished


Dave is a highly experienced, senior supply chain executive who has recently transitioned into a new role in leadership development and coaching. Dave trained as an engineer and worked for Unilever for more than 30 years in a wide range of manufacturing and supply chain leadership roles. His last role with Unilever was Executive Vice President for Supply Chain for the South East Asia and Australasia Region, a 7.5bn Euro business. Dave has led and participated in Company Boards, Joint Venture Boards, Global and Regional Executive Leadership Teams, with responsibilities covering global strategy, local operations, pioneering new technologies and capabilities, building new factories and running multi country business transformation programmes. Dave has lived and worked in UK, Singapore, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

“My purpose is to serve. I help individuals and teams to discover things they did not know about themselves and to achieve fulfilment through unlocking their untapped potential and energy.”

Dave Hughes – Senior Practitioner

Dave has had a very successful career which includes delivery of record breaking performances, several business turnarounds and implementation of large scale, multinational transformations. Dave’s impressive corporate background has given him extensive experience of what makes leadership highly effective and productive. He now coaches and facilitates senior individuals and teams to fulfil their potential and deliver results for themselves and their businesses.

As a business leader Dave delivers results through people. He is very inclusive, brings the best out of people and works very effectively with people from all backgrounds. He is able to take very divided and underperforming groups and turn them into collaborative, confident, high performing teams. As a coach and facilitator Dave likes to listen and to ask questions to help peel back the onion layers and reveal insights into the workings of teams and individual leaders. He does this in a very direct, but supportive style.

Dave has a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from King’s College, London. Dave has over 30 years of experience as a leader, coach and mentor, mostly in line management roles and more recently as a professional coach and facilitator.

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