Alison Gill

Senior Practitioner

“I find a way for leaders to discuss the important matters and offer practical solutions that help them perform at their best.”

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Ali has over thirty years of experience helping leaders prepare for the future by coaching and with particular emphasis on the human behaviour and dynamics elements that can contribute to, or undermine leadership effectiveness. Ali is a behavioural psychologist by background specialising in group dynamics. She is a founding Director and CEO for a management consultancy specialising in corporate governance and board reviews. During her long career, she has co-authored a Walker Report with Sir David Walker into financial institutions reviewing behavioural issues leading to the Corporate Governance Code’s recommendation for external board reviews every three years.

“I find a way for leaders to discuss the important matters and offer practical solutions that help them perform at their best.”

Alison Gill – Senior Practitioner

As the founding Director and CEO of Bvalco, Ali has helped hundreds of FTSE 100 boards and leadership teams prepare for the future. Her passion to improve the quality of boards has led to the implementation of the FT’s award winning NED Diploma. The diploma’s success has produced hundreds of graduates with more than 70% of participants becoming effective board directors. Drawing on her extensive commercial experience, Ali has delivered external board reviews and advised FTSE 100 directors in multiple industries and geographies resulting in improved board performance. Ali has an extensive high performance background, having been a triple Olympic rower with the British Rowing team.

Ali specialises in human behaviour and dynamics in commercial organisations. She works from a positive psychology perspective, creating a supportive environment from which her clients can explore the most critical topics that will help them develop. Clients say that she is insightful and that she balances intellectual and emotional challenge with empathy and compassion.

Alison has a BSc in Behavioural Psychology from Oxford University where she majored in Experimental Psychology and neurophysiology. Alison has over 30 years of experience as a leader, psychologist and coach, mostly addressing the impact of behaviours, values, culture and performance to Boards and Senior Leadership teams.

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