The Complete Academy opens up the very best of leadership development to all leaders, not just those at the top. We take our unique approach that has worked for CEOs and senior leaders, and tailor it to the needs of first time leaders and above. The Complete Academy delivers our integrated, vertical, 4-dimensional leadership development programme either virtually or face-to-face or via a combination of both.

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The Complete Academy is a leadership development programme using the latest insights from psychology and neurology to achieve a step-change in your emerging and developing leaders.

The Complete Academy opens up the highest quality development to all leaders in your organsiation. 

Leaders who have been through the Complete Academy report improved quality of thinking, speed of decision making and wellbeing.

Unlike traditional leadership development, the Complete Academy goes beyond the acquisition of skills and knowledge, or horizontal ‘learning’, to achieve transformative ‘vertical development’. 

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Complete Academies bring vertical development to existing and aspiring leaders. Modules cover leading yourself, leading others and leading the business. It can be delivered in-person for virtually.

Each module is less than four hours to mainain concentration and fit around the day job. We teach skills that can be applied the same day to achieve immediate impact.

We can design a completely bespoke academy for you or tailor one of our proven curriculums depending on your needs and budget.

The Academy typically runs over 12 months. It can integrate with other development and strategic initiatives and support the organisation’s existing leadership development frameworks

We use a variety of learning formats and pace to maintain interest and energy. This includes peer learning, individual coaching, masterclasses, apps and books.

Varied formats engage different styles of learners to ensure vertical development is achieved.

Ultimately, the aim of the content is to change behaviour. To be brilliant every day and achieve great things, leaders must start by learning to control their physiology, then their emotions, then their thinking. Without such control performance is fragile and can collapse without much warning.

Access development in a format that suits your learning style and the time available. Entirely flexible, robust content to become a better version of yourself.

The content of the programme varies according to your needs. Typically the programme runs over 12 months. It can integrate with other development and strategic initiatives and support the organisation’s existing leadership development frameworks.

We partner with you to ensure every module fits your organisation and your leadership population.

Buying a Complete Academy secures your leaders access to the Complete library of apps, podcasts, webinars and games to continue their development journey.

These resources are available to every Academy alumni to access and benefit from. They ensure that learning becomes a lifelong habit for your leaders. Whatever their learning style preference, they can access resources in a format to suit them.

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The Complete App offers a wide range of skills and programmes that are scientifically grounded to support your development with a core focus on emotional development and wellbeing.

Deliver quantifiable returns in terms of improved mental health, emotional development and personal performance.

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