Your Values Profile

The Complete Values Profile defines the top seven value systems.

Best for: Leaders & Organisations
Impact: Succession Planning, Talent Acquisition

Leadership dynamics

Each system is given a different colour and is characterised by different value sets, different motivations and different operational drives. There is no right or wrong profile, each system has different strengths and blind spots. As a result some leaders are more suited to different types of businesses, market cycles or areas of a business.

The value system you operate from as a leader tends to be determined by your work circumstances as well as your own personal growth.

Flexing values for success

 Which value set you operate from may vary depending on whether you are engaged in strategy, implementation, people management or at home with the family. Using independent subscales, we examine the subtle ways in how you show up and how it varies across these areas using independent sub-scales.

The profile gives you a “language” that can be used to drive your leadership development, improve your conflict management, stimulate organisational development and engage customers with different motivations. In teams, it can be a huge competitive advantage to embrace people with a diverse range of values.

Taking your assessment

How to take your assessment and receiving your report

You will receive an email from containing login details and a link to our assessment platform.

Upon logging in, you will see all your active assessments. You can then select the ‘Complete Values Profile’.

The platform will ask for your age and gender in order to generate your personalised report. You can edit these details at any time under the ‘My Personal Data’ tab on the bottom of the page.

The Complete Values Profile assessment consists of 57 questions and should take approximately 20 minutes to complete, depending on how long you wish to deliberate your answers.

You will be asked a series of scenario questions with potential answers listed below. You will need to distribute six points across a maximum of three answers that you agree with.

For example, if you strongly agree with only one answer, you can allocate all six points to it. Whereas, if you are divided across two or three answers, you can allocate the points evenly or according to their importance.

The assessment automatically saves your progress as you go along, so if you need to leave the assessment before completing, you can return to it later. You can also move back and forth between the questions to review your answers or change them where necessary.

Once you have completed the assessment, the data will be analysed to reveal your Values Profile and will be presented in an aggregated report.

Your point distribution will only be used for the purpose of this analysis and will not be communicated to anyone at any stage.

Your results will be explained to you by a Complete Practitioner or Certified Coach alongside your report.

The Complete Values Overview

Understanding values helps transform leaders, teams and an organisation’s culture


Our approach to creating a transformational culture

The most informative research on culture and value systems has been conducted by various academic centers, with notable contributions from Prof. Shalom Schwartz, Prof. Geert Hofstede, and Prof. Clare Graves. These independent researchers have found significant overlap in their findings. Our approach incorporates the research of all three, giving particular emphasis to Graves’ work due to its predictive power and evolutionary implications for individual and collective development.

Professor Clare Graves’ model holds special importance in our approach. It is based on empirical observational research spanning three decades and identifies eight distinct value systems. These value systems emerge in a spiral of incrasing sophistication, building upon the previous level. This evolutionary aspect makes Graves’ model well-suited to drive personal and collective growth.

Our Process

What you can expect when working with us


Fill in the assessment to find out your commercial and personal value system


All data is collated to generate a Complete Values Report


The data is then reviewed by one of our trained practitioners


Receive feedback from one of our trained practitioners either 1:1 or at an event


Goals are then set as part of your development programme using the insights from the Values Report

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