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A data-driven approach to leadership coaching helped CIO Doug Schmidt maintain high performance without exhaustion.


Doug Schmidt is CIO, CTO, Entrepreneur and Advisor at Dentsu Aegis Network. He was exhausted and knew he needed help. While he wanted to maintain his high performance levels, he did not want to do so at the expense of his health.

“I’d had a leadership coach before but was looking to work with a new coach to maintain my focus on high performance. I was very aware of my energy levels and emotional state and I’d started to realise how brutally exhausted and tired I’d become. I was having a hard-time.”

Scientific leadership coaching with personal impact

Complete Leadership Coaching starts with data to identify exactly what each person needs to change to improve their performance and wellbeing. Doug Schmidt explains: “Complete’s coaching method was different from anything I’d known before because it is very data oriented. It is backed up by science using a 24-hour Heart Rate Variability (HRV) assessment. As a result of that, I found that I succumbed to the objectivity of the data. Having that reality check of the data was really important. I could not hide from what the numbers were telling me about my energy levels.”

Once Doug had been made aware of the truth of his physiology, Complete’s coach worked with him to address the causes of his energy crisis. Doug continues: “I had an awesome Complete coach, who completely understood where I was coming from and helped me to drastically increase my energy levels and improve my performance.”

The Complete coaching process involves setting key milestones. For Doug, the first milestone was to stop ‘leaking energy’. With more energy, Doug found that he could was more aware of how he was using and losing energy, and this enabled him to use his energy in the right way – to focus on his performance.

A word from the client…

For Doug, Complete coaching was transformative: 

 “The combination of the objective data and the effective coaching conversations allowed me to defeat my greatest internal enemies. I am now an ambassador for coaching and have started a movement in my organisation to spread the word. I believe that everyone should have a coach, it’s a gift and a phenomenal experience.”

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