Turn strategy into success with our masterclasses for heads of department.

The Complete heads of department masterclasses //

We help heads of department ensure that strategy is translated into action and cascaded throughout the organisation.

After the leadership team has defined the strategy it is imperative that the plan is successfully cascaded throughout the organisation. This will deliver sustained change and return on investment.

This is why we run masterclasses for the Heads of Department and their teams.

It means that the top teams can keep focused on the big commercial questions and departmental teams can step forward and ensure the strategy is translated into effective action and implementation.

Three steps to team success

Translate strategy into action.

1. Build the strategic plan
We work with the executive team to take the strategic plan and make it ready for action.
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We provide the right amount of forensic challenge to what has already been developed.

2. Run regular masterclasses
We run masterclasses with the heads of department and their teams to help convert a quality strategic plan to detailed OKRs.
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The OKRs have clearly defined interdependencies, timelines, metrics and resource allocation plans. The masterclasses may include plans on how to create engagement in the operationalisation of the strategy to ensure it is successfully embedded in the business.

3. Review progress
After the masterclasses we work with both the heads of department and the executive team to determine progress.
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Measures of success include successful delivery of strategy and completion of action plans.

Benefits //

We help heads of department translate executive team strategy into action. Measurable benefits include:

  • A differentiating strategy that can actually deliver a step change the commercial success of the organisation
  • Executable strategic plans
  • Determine the need for a project management officer and chief transformation officer
  • Higher engagement and alignment of the business with the strategy
  • Executive team is enabled to lead the organisation with a compelling strategy