Chris Parry

Senior Practitioner

“Leading organisations in a highly challenging environment is a great responsibility and leaders can have a profound impact on the lives of many people.”

Expert In: Leaders & Organisations
Energetic, Playful & Empathetic


During her long career Chris has experienced leadership from many perspectives. Her early career in financial services saw her become the youngest women to reach senior management in a global bank which also established her reputation for developing women in leadership. As an entrepreneur, she set up and grew her own business to over 200 people steering it through a series of mergers and acquisitions until its final acquisition by IBM. She now devotes her time and experience to helping other leaders rise to the unprecedented challenges we face today and to achieve their own dreams.

“Leading organisations in a highly challenging environment is a great responsibility and leaders can have a profound impact on the lives of many people. My mission is to help leaders discover their power and create the kind of organisations we as a society need desperately in order to survive and thrive in today’s world.”

Chris Parry – Senior Practitioner

As the co-founder and CEO of the Centre for High Performance Development, Chris achieved a listing in the Sunday Times top 100 best small companies achieving several number one rankings for her inspirational leadership. Drawing on this extensive business experience, Chris has coached hundreds of men and women and advised FTSE/Fortune directors and boards on 5 continents and in nearly every industrial sector. She has helped leaders and their teams double their business growth, reinvent their culture, inspire their people and transform the way they think about their own future.

Chris embraces fun, humour and irreverence but with a serious purpose. Her energy ignites people and makes them want to come on the journey. She is warm and trusting but also pushes people out of their comfort zone challenging their expectations of themselves. She connects deeply on a personal level and has great empathy for the challenges faced by leaders. With a passion for flying trapeze and golf, Chris embodies the unexpected and enjoys engaging with people from very diverse backgrounds.

Chris was trained in behavioural observation by the late Professor Schroder of Princeton University and was actively involved in international academic research that identified the characteristic behaviours of high performance leaders and teams in complex, fast moving environments. She is accredited in many psychometric instruments, holds a 1st class degree in Computer Science and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).

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