We know successful leadership takes energy and time. What if we could show you how to upgrade your energy and create time?

The Leadership Coaching Programme //

Being a successful leader takes a huge amount of energy which is why our leadership coaching methodology is substantially different from the mainstream.

Our leadership coaching starts by focusing on a leader’s energy and emotions, rather than their external behaviours and results. Controlling your physiology and managing your emotions will unlock hidden capabilities and ultimately drive higher levels of performance. 

How we work //

1. Connect
We connect you with the right coach and agree which of our assessments are best suited to your needs.
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When you start a coaching programme with us you will be asked to wear a Heart Rate Monitor for 24 hours to understand how you respond to the challenges of a normal working day.

2. Develop
You will receive eight sessions (ten hours) of coaching over six months.

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3. Measure
At the end of the programme we review your measurable progress (through repeat monitoring and/or stakeholder interviews) and discuss next steps.
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The Leadership Coaching Programme is for you if:

  • You’re an ambitious leader looking to unlock your hidden capabilities
  • You’re looking to upgrade your energy in order to do more with each moment that you have
  • You’re working at capacity but struggling to step-change your organisation’s success
  • You’ve tried other coaching programmes but have found the benefits don’t have longevity
  • You want to demonstrate a measurable return on your coaching investment

Benefits //

Measurable benefits of our Leadership Coaching Programme include:

  • 54% reduction in stress
  • 25% reduction in fatigue
  • 20% decrease in perceptions of work pressure
  • 37% improvement in emotional management

The return on investment of a coaching programme is 220%