We know successful leadership takes energy and time. What if we could show you how to upgrade your energy and create time?

The Leadership Coaching Programme //

Being a successful leader takes a huge amount of energy which is why our leadership coaching methodology is substantially different from the mainstream.

Our leadership coaching starts by focusing on a leader’s energy and emotions, rather than their external behaviours and results. Controlling your physiology and managing your emotions will unlock hidden capabilities and ultimately drive higher levels of performance. 


Complete Values Profile
Many of the tensions that occur in teams, and are mistakenly thought to be due to personality clashes, are actually the result of differences in value systems.
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The Complete Values Profile (CVP) questionnaire precisely defines which of the eight value systems an individual leader, team, division or organisation operates from.

Complete Energy Audit
An objective 72-hour assessment of an individual’s physiology and emotional state during a normal working day
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We gather data using non-invasive heart monitoring technology and the completion of an online emotional and social intelligence questionnaire.

Complete Network Analysis
Complete Network Analysis technology identifies powerful, actionable data-based insights about what’s going on in your business and guides interventions to improve performance.
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Complete Team Energy Grid
Even the most talented and developed groups or teams struggle to deliver if they cannot gel and work together effectively.
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The Complete Team Energy Grid quantifies the energetic impact team members have on each other and provides objective, anonymous data to help guide leaders and teams on how to overcome difficult team dynamics that may be inhibiting performance.

Complete Behavioural Report
Behaviours are the final common pathway to change. Our Complete Behavioural Report is based on the most widely used leadership behavioural research in the world.
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This assessment combines 360 degree feedback from peers with observation or interviews conducted by one of our highly trained behavioural experts. Results are precise, informative and benchmarked against a global database.

Complete Team Development Index
The Complete Team Development Index benchmarks a leadership team’s level of capability (out of nine levels) against six critical success factors.
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This assessment can be repeated to quantify a team’s progress as a result of development. It helps guide the Complete Team Journey to unlock new levels of capability and step change performance. It identifies:

  • The level of team development and the potential for progress
  • Confidential views of team members on the team’s capabilities and challenges
  • The pathways for the team to accelerate their performance
  • The specific dynamics that need to be addressed to drive the organisation forward
Complete Leadership Maturity Report
A leader’s maturity or sophistication is probably the single biggest determinant of their ability to deliver sustained success.
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The Complete Leadership Maturity Report determines which of the 12 levels of ego maturity a leader is operating from. Based on 40 years of detailed academic research it will help define your leadership journey for the next five to ten years.

The Leadership Coaching Programme is for you if:

  • You’re an ambitious leader looking to unlock your hidden capabilities
  • You’re looking to upgrade your energy in order to do more with each moment that you have
  • You’re working at capacity but struggling to step-change your organisation’s success
  • You’ve tried other coaching programmes but have found the benefits don’t have longevity
  • You want to demonstrate a measurable return on your coaching investment

Benefits //

Measurable benefits of our Leadership Coaching Programme include:

  • 54% reduction in stress
  • 25% reduction in fatigue
  • 20% decrease in perceptions of work pressure
  • 37% improvement in emotional management

The return on investment of a coaching programme is 220%