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Three Core Practices Program

This offer is suitable for individuals who wish to step change their personal development and wellbeing.

Included in this product bundle is the following:

•  Three Core Skill Webinars

•  Dr. Alan Watkins Q&A Sessions

•  FREE 12-Month App Access

Any webinar links will be sent to you after purchase.

A unique Complete App Community Code will be sent to you after purchase to access the app for 12 months.



Sign up for our exclusive app offer which will equip you with the knowledge you need to utilise the three core skills which can control your physiology and optimise your performance. There will be a live and interactive webinar on each of the three core skills available to use on the Complete App. Each webinar will be hosted by a trained Senior Practitioner at Complete that will talk you through the skill with a live facilitated group practice session of this skill. The first webinar will focus on developing energy awareness, the second one will focus on regulating your energy, and the third webinar will introduce you to the Universe of Emotions. By signing up for this exclusive offer you will get access to all the premium content on the Complete App for FREE for 12 whole months! This will provide you with a wellbeing ecosystem that is purposely built to support you and your family’s development and wellbeing objectives. We have designed our content to facilitate all forms of learning by providing you with a sophisticated toolkit of blended content that includes articles to read, podcasts to listen to, games to play, videos to watch and so much more! FREE access to the app content for a year gives you the opportunity to enrol yourself on the 12-Mission Self-Development Program. Work through the program at your own pace, giving you the opportunity to master those skills to help you control your physiology and optimise your performance.