I have dedicated my life to helping leaders develop and make better decisions
Dr. Alan Watkins
CEO & Co-Founder


“I want to help reduce human suffering”

Alan’s purpose is as clear as it is ambitious. When you know that Alan trained and worked as a physician and a neuroscientist for many years you can understand the source of his passion. However, Alan left medical practice 25 years ago to try and reduce human suffering on a large scale than he was able to do though individual patient interactions.

He decided to work with large multi-national organisations employing thousands or hundreds of thousands of people. He recognised that while corporations can be a force for good in the world when leadership goes wrong they can also be a source of great suffering. People’s livelihoods are impacted as well as their mental and emotional wellbeing. When leaders make poor decisions people suffer.

Alan believes that every single person can become a better, more complete and effective human being. And leaders who are better human beings make more compassionate, inclusive and wiser decisions that can improve the lives of thousands of individual employees. This can affect an organisation’s supply chains and if we include all the families of those employees and supply chains we’re talking about reducing the suffering in millions of people’s lives.

Every day Alan and the Complete team are helping leaders in corporations all over the world as well as working with educators in schools, elite athletes and their coaches and politicians from right across the political spectrum.

Alan is a coach and confidant to many global leaders. He integrates a deep understanding of human development with his passion for human consciousness, emotional wellbeing, neurophysiology and applies it to a wide variety of organisational contexts with a range of clients.

Alan is recognised as a global thought leader on human performance, complexity and wellbeing. His five TEDx talks have been seen by over seven million people and he is an inspirational keynote speaker.

TED Talks

With over 8 million views, Alan is well known for his TEDx lectures.

Use the links below to watch.

TEDX Portsmouth: Part 1
Being Brilliant Every Single Day

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TEDX Portsmouth: Part 2
Being Brilliant Every Single Day

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TEDX Oxford
Why you feel what you feel

Watch the video Watch the video
TEDX Manchester
The journey from mental health to enlightenment

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TEDX Brighton
How to solve the world's toughest problems

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Books //

In Alan’s spare time, he writes books on leadership and how to solve the world’s toughest problems.

How Leaders Build & Break Trust

In 2020 a global pandemic hit humanity. But by the end of 2021, it became clear that there was a second, completely unrelated, pandemic spreading across the world. This pandemic is cultural, and it may turn out to be more fatal for humanity than a virus that killed millions. This cultural virus’s primary symptom is deceit, and the underlying disease is the wanton decay of the truth.

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Step Change:
The Leader's Journey

No one likes change. Too often it’s viewed as something that must be endured, something to ‘get through’ as fast as possible so that everything can ‘return to normal’. We need to change our view of change and see it for the opportunity it really is. Step Change: The Leader’s Journey helps leaders to become gifted and skilful at moving through the change process, gracefully and productively.

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The Science of Exceptional Leadership and Performance

Coherence shows how our ability to lead and deliver results is rooted in our biology. Dr Watkins explains the science of how to increase energy levels and become smarter, more resilient, happier, healthier and more successful in whatever we do.

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4D Leadership:
Competitive Advantage through Vertical Leadership Development

Today’s leaders need to change radically to meet the challenge of complex organizations in business landscapes that are in flux. 4D Leadership is what happens when this step-change in doing, being and relating takes place.

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The HR (R)Evolution:
Change the Workplace, Change the World

The HR (R)Evolution: Change the Workplace, Change the World describes the “Seven Great Waves” of change and explains how each wave impacted business. It explains how some companies are stuck in the past and how HR can break the deadlock if it understands what the future holds.

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Innovation Sucks:
Time to Think Differently

Businesses spend billions on innovation with very little to show for their investment or effort. This book challenges some of the ‘ingrained truths’ of innovation and suggests a different approach.

Innovation is not the creation of a novel idea. It is the successful commercialisation of that novel idea.

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Wicked & Wise:
How to Solve the World’s Toughest Problems

The first book in the Wicked and Wise series looks at some of the most pressing and topical issues affecting the world today, from the clash of religions and cultures in a globalised world to the growing dominance of technology.

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The End of Politics

Crowdocracy is the second title in the ground-breaking Wicked & Wise series. It discusses one of the world’s most debated and critical issues – who decides our future and how should we be governed?

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Our Food Our Future:
Eat Better, Waste Less, Share More

The third book in the critically acclaimed Wicked & Wise series offers a compelling analysis of the issue of food on an international scale. From nutrition to world hunger to GM farming, what are the impacts of food and food issues on regional, political, cultural, business and social priorities?

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Mind-Body Medicine:
A Clinician’s Guide to Psychoneuroimmunology

Mind-Body Medicine looks at the evidence supporting the concept that mind-body connections have an impact on the development and progress of illness, and at how health care providers can take advantage of this evidence to improve the well-being of their patients.

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The impact of Alan’s expertise is reaching far and wide

“The business was underperforming and now we are winning. Part of that success has been the team coming together faster with Alan Watkins’ help.”

Peter Pritchard, CEO, Pets at Home

“After working with Alan and his team I see the progress we’ve made every day. The dynamics of our team are great. I feel very proud of what we’ve achieved, and the change is cascading throughout the business to our millions of customers.”

Matt Simister, CEO, Tesco Europe

“If you want to perform at your best you need to know how to make this happen. Fortunately for me I met Alan Watkins.”

Michael Drake, CEO Cognita Asia

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