Complete Values Profile Certification

Complete Certification //

Unlock a completely new level of performance. Easily incorporate values into your coaching programme. Backed by 40 years of research, the Complete Values Profile provides forensic insight into what levers you can pull to step change individual and team performance across the organisation.

What's included?

We help leaders, teams and organisations unlock new levels of capability and performance.

We train professionals using our courses that are built with outstanding features that are integrated, sophisticated, rooted in physiology and neuroscience.

Bespoke Content

With 40 years of research, the Complete Values Profile has had a significant amount of materials generated. We’ve shared with you the key articles, videos and exams to get you Certified.


The latest case studies and success stories from the practitioner field and beyond. The ongoing evolution of our value systems means the community is evolving too. This is where we share what works and the innovations.

The Team Performance Delivery Framework

This Framework sets out exactly how to run an assessment programme with a client: Find them, Engage Them, Assess Them, Profile, Close. Our checklist means you will not miss a thing.

Meet our team //

Though we encourage self directed learning that doesn’t mean you’re entirely on your own. Our instructors are a key point of contact for you in the course in terms of supporting you in your development.


Hear from our fantastic certified partners!

Matt Silver //
Executive Coach & Certified Values Partner

The key to this course was that it provides multiple lenses into a client’s development in the here now and a framework for the steps in vertical development. It goes beyond the limits that typical typology assessments produce, often limiting one’s perception of self development and the belief in further growth. The course has allowed me to articulate The Complete Values Profile to my clients and applying this has been developmental.

Elaine Thomas //
Executive Coach

As I build out my own fledgling coaching business, The Complete Values Profile has been a really useful data point in my own development journey. The real value of it has been the chance to look forward and work on key development areas. The combination of building awareness and shinning a light for future development is to me the key differentiator.

Rachael Hanley Browne
Certified Values Partner

From a coaching environment it gives clarity for the coach client relationship, and for the coach when they start out. It gives clarity to the coaching client around where they are now and its a really good diagnostic thats an experiential process where you can take them through developmental levels and the developmental process. It looks at the here and now and the future and enables the coach to marry that all together.


Course Contents //

Module 1: Background Research

In this module, you will learn about all the research behind our Values Profile. An overview of each colour of the spiral, going through the who they are, what drive those in that colour, the best development and how to communicate.

Module 2: Values Evolution

Learn more about the Values evolution model – learning what the colours represent and how they ‘ transcend and include each other’.

Module 3: Interpreting Data

Explore what insights can be obtained from a Values report and creating a narrative to help give feedback on individual reports for your clients

Module 4: Preparing Feedback

Find out how to present your insights on the Values profile to a team. Learn what to focus on, the timings and the takeaways

Module 5: Working with Complete

Learn how to request CVP reports from Complete and how to work with leaders to help them develop their individual values.