Coaching and Team Development for Linde

Complete Coaching and The Complete Team and Leadership Development Journey improved integration and decision making at Linde.

Stepping up team performance with leadership development

Sue Graham Johnston, Head of RBU UK/Ireland/Africa at the Linde Group wanted to enhance the performance of her senior leadership team.  She had a lot of strong personalities who wanted to be heard, but realised that their team discussions were not resulting in clear decision-making and new team members struggled to integrate quickly.

Diagnostics, coaching, team and leadership development

Alongside some personal coaching, Sue established a two-year Complete Senior Leadership Development Team Journey programme with her senior leadership team at Linde.

Sue recognised that things would not be magically different with a single two-day off-site meeting. This was about genuine and long lasting change.

The Complete Team Journey generated honest discussions, provided a vocabulary to be able to work better together and established a high-degree of trust that had not previously existed.

The Linde team learnt some practical and transformative skills, including a breathing exercise to achieve a more coherent state of being which in turn enables better control of emotions.

Emotional control, speed and integration

In addition to improving how the team interacts and controls its emotions, Linde has benefitted from very practical, time-saving changes. For example, the way team check-ins are done has changed – what took an hour, now it takes 10 minutes.

Sue Graham Johnston summarises the key benefits of the Complete team journey:

“Everyone on the team has been able to move into the second person – to consider other perspectives. When I first came in two years ago, there were a lot of strong personalities who wanted to be heard. What we know now is that‘s not necessarily the best way to move the organisation forward. Individuals on the team have put this perspective-taking into practice and have been able to navigate successfully some very difficult change. Seeing team members exhibit new leadership capacity has been incredibly rewarding for me personally, and beneficial to the organisation as well.”

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