Dealing with Isolation

Deep into Lockdown 2.0 and we hear from many friends and colleagues that this time it’s harder than before. It could be that the novelty of the ‘all in it together’ situation has worn off, it’s been longer since we had a good get together with others, the weather isn’t as good or we’re struggling financially. Whatever the situation, we know many are finding it tough.

That’s why we wanted to revisit some of the great, practical content we created last year at the start of the pandemic, and specifically the series of webinars we ran called Coping with Covid

In particular, I’d encourage you to take a look at the webinar on Separation, Isolation and Loneliness.  This webinar from Dr Alan Watkins and Katie Ledger includes some wonderful insights and practical tips on how to shift our emotions and to find meaning in a crisis. While you might be feeling that you can’t do the things you really want to do, what you can do is use this time to start to explore your emotions and to shift your feelings of frustration and isolation towards new emotions, such as patience, tranquillity or delight.

Spending more time reflecting on and experiencing positive emotions can help us shift to those emotional states when we want them, and most need them. Fulfilment and enjoyment in life is an internal thing. We have the potential to improve our own sense of wellbeing when we look inside ourselves and start to practice managing our emotions.

There are lots more insights in the rest of the Coping with Covid series of webinars. The content ranges from the issues of trust and truth, pulling together in a crisis, how to take a multi-dimensional approach to the pandemic and much, much more.  

Take a look and let us know what you think. 

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