A coronavirus update

Information for our clients, colleagues and community

We are working hard to support our clients, colleagues and our community in these challenging times. Here’s how we can help:


We ran a Coping With COVID series of webinars to share practical tips on how to manage this complex situation. Free, supportive and quick, all recordings can be accessed to help you and your organisations.


Dr Alan Watkins has been interviewed by numerous radio and television programmes recently on our response to the coronavirus. As a neuroscientist and immunologist, he has an informed and insightful perspective on the challenges we face right now.


Having written a number of books on ‘wicked’ problems, Dr Alan Watkins is sharing his insights on the coronavirus problem in a number of articles and media interviews. He explains how our immunology is so closely associated with our psychology and what that means for managing our wellbeing.

Alan has also posted a few initial thoughts about coronavirus on LinkedIn that people found very helpful. Since the challenge is medical, immunological and psychological and Alan has degree in all three of these areas he would be more than happy to answer any specific questions you may have about how this plays out in your business.


Our regular podcast series focused primarily on COVID-19 (coronavirus) during episodes 2 to 12 of series one. Topics include the challenges of dealing with such a complex situation and how anxiety can increase cortisol and reduce our ability to fight infection.

Complete’s response

With all of our work right now, Complete has two key priorities:

  • To ensure the safety of our team, clients, partners and all our stakeholders
  • To honour our commitment to all our clients by meeting them virtually and delivering our services digitally

We’re balancing our social responsibility with business continuity.

We are able to deliver all our services digitally through virtual meetings and we have established remote working for all our staff.

The coronavirus situation has left many business, governments and families anxious, facing an uncertain future. Most businesses are scrambling to adapt. The implications are not just in the world of business (IT), they affect our relationships with each other (WE) and all of us personally (I).

At Complete, we pride ourselves on the dedication, commitment and tenacity of our team and their ability to stay positive while helping people navigate through such difficult times.

When facing a crisis the first rule that we teach all our clients is to manage their emotional response to any problem. This is key for all of us because it improves our immunity, our health, our wellbeing and also our ability to think clearly about what needs to be done. The more you worry, the more you lower your immunity, the less resilient you become, the more contagious you become, the more ill you may become and the more likely you are to make decisions that make it all worse.

If there is anything else we can do to help, please do get in touch.

We believe now is the time for business leaders to show how adaptable, agile and resilient we humans can be. Together we can keep society moving and minimise the damage that this threat does to our lives. 

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