Network Analysis for Global Distribution System

Find out how Complete Network Analysis revealed the true structure of an organisation.


Connectivity is no longer defined by reporting lines – employees connect up, down and across departmental boundaries for functional, social and strategic reasons. This interconnectivity is not reflected in the traditional organisation structure and, if anything, is hindered by it.

Complete Network Analysis allows us to map these networks and show how an organisation is operating in reality.

The Challenge

Networks drive collaboration and information flow within an organisation and are a source of energy and support for employees. Networks also cultivate agility and trust within the system and help employees stretch their thinking. Networks capture, in real time, how an organisation operates, and that is often different from the formal organisational structure.

By using Complete Network Analysis you can identify which parts of your business are connected or disconnected. Benchmark your leadership team and identify areas of focus to accelerate performance. Identify the people most at risk of exit and those who may need more support to enhance their performance. Step change your talent pool management by understanding who is the most influential and in demand. Quantify whether and where in your organisation there may be diversity and inclusivity or equity issues.

The Complete approach

The reality of organisational structures and networks can be revelatory for many leaders and this was no exception. Our sponsor at one of the world’s biggest global distribution system operators could not believe what he was seeing in the data.

A word from our client …

Using the Complete Network Analysis I discovered that the Chief Innovation Officer of the business was operating in a silo and not providing stretch to the rest of the organisation. We also identified two key people who were providing stretch across different parts of the organisation. These two hidden influencers were not part of the traditional organisational hierarchy and as such invisible to someone looking at the organisation through the traditional organisational structure. We only realised this thanks to the Complete Network Analysis.

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