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It’s a familiar story; a relatively new executive team faces an urgent need for organisational transformation.

A functionally organised business with locked-in silo-thinking and a lack of alignment that was undermining overall performance.

This was exactly the situation at Yorkshire Building Society (YBS).

Fast forward two years, and a Complete leadership team journey has helped the third largest building society in the UK to achieve top quartile employee engagement, the biggest ever  mortgage balance growth in the company’s history, of £3bn, and record savings balances of £35.5bn.

This was all despite very tough external financial challenges, changes in the leadership team  and a global pandemic.

The Challenge

YBS recognised that while there were no major issues of underperformance, the executive team wasn’t excelling.

Since there were no plans for a major organisational transformation, the CEO realised there was a real need for the executive team to transform themselves.

The COO at the time and now interim CEO, Stephen White explains, “We needed help to come together as a team. We turned to Complete to take us on a journey to improve ourselves to deliver strategic results.”

The Complete approach

Complete has, for more than 20 years, coached and developed many senior leadership teams around the world.

The primary goal is to unlock new levels of capability within the team and to step-change individual and collective performance, moving the team up the stages of team development.

For YBS, Complete applied practical exercises, in-depth conversations, and developmental tools to customise the eight-day ‘Team Journey’ to suit the maturity of the team and the challenges they were facing.

The primary goal was to unlock new levels of capability within the  team and to step-change performance.

A word from the client…

While team development may not be a new concept, the Complete approach is very different  from the norm. Something recognised by Alasdair Lenman:

“This was different to what I’d  done before and that’s why I really liked it. Complete helped us as much individually as collectively.”
“I’m certainly happy with the progress that I’ve made. Thousands of coaches and courses have never given me the value I get from working with Complete.”

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