Coaching for Culture Kings CEO

Find out how coaching from the Complete team and developing the the SHIFT skill saved a CEO $500,000.


When Simon first began his Complete coaching programme, he had taken just six years to build his business of 150 people, including 50 new employees in the previous year alone. His ambition was to double revenues and expand internationally. He had always been interested in his own development through investing time in reading, podcasts, seminars but he realised that he needed to more to transform himself and be a more effective leader of a growing business.

The Challenge

With the rapid growth of the company and the pressures that come along with it Culture King’s CEO realised that he needed to show up differently if he was to effectively cope with the increasing demands of leadership. He wanted to accelerate his own development, deal better with mistakes and manage his impact on others.

The Complete approach

The Complete Leadership Development Programme teaches leaders to first manage their energy levels and emotional state. Starting first with a scientific assessment of a leader’s physiology during a normal working day, using non-invasive heart monitoring technology.

This approach enables an objective identification any obstacles that are inhibiting performance. This data also enables us to completely customise the coaching programme for the coachee to deliver a real change in their ability as well as providing objective proof of that change by the end of the programme.

A word from our client …

Simon Beard, CEO and Founder of Culture Kings:

“I’ve spent a lot of time and money on my development over my career, and in my opinion Complete really is the highest standard. It’s elevated my level of thinking and made a massive impact on my ability to be a leader, a coach, a sales trainer, a parent and even a husband.”

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