Congratulations on your enrolment on the Deloitte Accelerate Programme


We at Complete have partnered closely with Deloitte over the past year to design and deliver this extensive, cutting-edge programme.

We are now excited to personally partner with you at every step of the programme, offering a powerful and intensive executive coaching relationship, the use of our unique assessment tools, and challenging facilitation during the residentials.


We are a consultancy that specialises in developing enlightened leadership. We empower leaders to make a more meaningful contribution by focusing on development that releases their untapped potential. Our work enables you, your teams and your organisation to make an impact that matters and to fulfil your promise.

Complete Coherence was founded in 2004 by Dr Alan Watkins. Drawing on his background as a physician, cardiologist, and neuroscientist, he aimed to effect change on a larger scale and work with organisations that could change the world. Alan and the Complete team now collaborate with leaders and executive teams across industries on every continent and in some of the largest and most influential organisations in the world.

Our approach encompasses multiple lines of development based on human performance research, integrated with insights from neuroscience, biology, complexity theory, and other diverse fields. We believe that with the right coaching and development, human beings can excel every day.

The central principle of our approach to improving performance is to draw a distinction between horizontal learning and vertical development. Horizontal learning involves the acquisition of skills, knowledge, and experience, which remains important. However, the real game-changer and primary source of competitive advantage in an increasingly volatile and complex world is vertical development. Vertical development doesn’t merely change what you know; it changes how you know it.

As individuals, teams, and organisations move up to a new level of development, they become capable of doing things that were inconceivable before. Hence, we are confident that you will find the Accelerate Programme to be a different experience compared to any other leadership programmes you have completed.

What happens next //

Before the executive coaching and programme formally starts there are a two assessments we need you to complete:

The Complete Energy Audit

You have already received or will shortly receive a welcome box from Complete, which contains all the relevant support resources for your upcoming coaching programme. This box includes your Firstbeat heart rate monitor, enabling you to complete your Complete Energy Audit.

The Complete Energy Audit is an assessment designed to provide insights into your health, well-being, and performance by exploring your energy and coherence levels in your day-to-day life. Please click the link above to access important background information and key instructions on how to use the monitor to complete your Complete Energy Audit.

The Complete Values Profile

The Complete Values Profile defines the top seven value systems that all humans operate from. Each system is assigned a different colour and is characterised by different value sets, motivations, and operational drives. Please click the link above to access background information and instructions on how to complete your Complete Values Profile.