Network Analysis Reveals Bottlenecks that Stifle Collaboration

FMCG Network Analysis revealed what was preventing a major organisation from collaborating more effectively and how they helped reduce the FMCG’s dependency on those in senior roles.


As in many industries, this FMCG was facing a rapidly changing market. The leadership team was looking to improve collaboration, increase engagement, create a culture of innovation and capitalise on opportunities. Complete Network Analysis revealed there was a lack of collaboration, engagement and innovation. These were not a result of a lack of desire or talent, on the contrary there was plenty of that within the organisation.

The Challenge

The challenges facing the organisation were the silos and hierarchy that were operating in a previously undiscovered feedback loop. Challenges arose because the different functions were servicing their own area of the business, with the responsibility of coordinating with manufacturing facilities falling on a few individuals in senior positions.

Relationships between different functions within the organisation became transactional; manufacturing facilities were thought of as suppliers rather than colleagues with whom they should build and sustain meaningful relationships.

The Complete approach

The Complete interventions focused not only on explaining what was preventing progress, but also revealed how the organisation could enhance collaboration to reduce the dependence on those in senior positions and build a more connected organisation.

The first step in prompting the change was ensuring a common understanding of the problem.

A word from the client…


“Using the Complete Network Analysis showed us that the organisation was a collection of internal stakeholders who had different interests rather than taking a collective and cohesive common goal that was at the heart of our business!

“We’ve managed to discover the underlying patterns of connectivity and why they are critical to understanding the organisation and how it truly works.”

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