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Complete Network Analysis and Team Journey helped an Icelandic utility firm turn around struggling engagement results to create a culture of initiative and support that helped the firm thrive despite COVID challenges.


Nordurorka is utility company based in the north of Iceland. Employing 72 workers, the company supplies hot and cold water, electricity and handles wastewater for Icelandic homes.

The company has three main divisions: service and finance, operations and utility technical services.

The Challenge

Nordurorka runs the Gallup Q12 engagement survey every other year and in 2017 it was particularly concerned about the results.

There was an indication of communication issues, but without more detailed diagnosis of the issues, it was difficult for the organisation to be sure about the right solution.

The company approached Complete and a two phase programme began.

The Complete approach

The first phase involved the Complete Network Analysis to identify the exact nature of the issues contributing to poor engagement.

Phase two was a bespoke leadership development solution that was designed to directly address the issues revealed by the Network Analysis.

The Complete Team Journey requires teams to invest eight days (64 hours) a year in their own development. Getting the team together a couple of times a year for an ‘off-site’ simply won’t produce a step change in performance and is largely a waste of time and money.

The primary goal is to unlock new levels of capability within the team and to step-change performance, moving the team up the stages of team development.

The Complete Network Analysis maps these networks of relationships and makes explicit how they are driving day-to-day operations, building, and sustaining organisational culture and setting the strategic direction of the organisation. The analysis is comprehensive in its diagnostic capability and reveals how an organisation exists and functions in the real world. This can and often does, defy expectations of carefully constructed organisational charts and structures.

A word from the client…

“Lots of the conflicts and issues should never have been big problems.” Explained Erla Bjorg Gudmundsdottir “They were often tiny things that got out of control because they had not been discussed. Instead of taking the initiative and dealing with an issue, people complained to colleagues who were not even connected to the issue. Following the work with Complete, we’re all a lot better at addressing issues in the right way. We’ve stopped being victims and have started taking the initiative to fix what needs to be fixed and support each other.”

“The impact of the Complete Network Analysis and Team Journeys has been seen in greater feelings of support, the evidence of higher employee engagement and a better culture.”

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